if we truly care about children…

I’ve loved animals since forever but just recently have gotten quite conscientious. I have gone where angels fear to tread and gotten some definite scars, so believe me when I say that support and encouragement mean everything to people who share this adoration and respect for all creatures great and small!

This business can get so lonely and edgy but is always worth the bother.

I’ll never stop…just wishing I had cared enough about the lives of sentient beings when I was much younger…my only regret!

Very important to reach the kids of this world on these important issues — called animal welfare and rights. We’ll all be so much better off.

No one is supposed to criticize the “meat industry” and its horrors. Well, all an ever-growing number of us ask is that alongside “agri-business” organizations presenting their propaganda to little captive elementary public school students annually would be that the vegetarian/vegan lifestyle must receive equal time.

Wishing someone would take us up on this topic…time to present a fair view of this world in our tax-supported public schools!

That is of course if we care that children develop healthy dietary habits as well as learn responsible, reverent behavior directed toward all living beings on this precious planet.

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