people LOVE to talk about 401Ks

people LOVE to talk about 401Ks and the value of gold and which investments yield the most lucrative results and whatnot. I contend that what is wrong with the entire globe at this moment is self-centeredness, apathy, and barking up the wrong trees.

we need to focus on global warming, profit-obsession, understanding that health is compromised through over-reproduction of sentient beings to be victimized for big bucks, our role in causing the starvation of the globe’s children, and our true worship of the almighty dollar rather than any kind of god.


I hate money…I respect only one thing…LIFE and the right of all of us including sentient beings to live out their/our lives. how do we turn the world around? … we remind folks every chance we get …to start with an appreciation of how precious nature and its inhabitants should be to all of us. Then a PEACEABLE KINGDOM is assured.


we can change this globe for the better. LIFE matters more than money. bless those sweet hearts who care…


and on it goes…

THE DNR (DEPARTMENT OF NUTS & RATIONALIZERS) has begun issuing their propaganda aimed at the clueless — it’s “hunting” season for those big-hearted “sports”men and “sports”women who are looking out for all of the rest of us by playing with their expensive equipment and buying their costumes to prowl around in the woods and flush out innocent sentient beings onto the highways. Check your local “news” sources and look for the bizarre rationales for murdering. Try speaking up…


time for a letter writing campaign in the face of the twisted self-serving “logic” in these DNR issued articles. our state makes a “killing” in profits…incredibly so…licenses for starters. a license to murder…come get it, boys…and girls!

oh, and THIS JUST IN…DNR should be called DEPARTMENT OF NEPOTISM (and hiring of ) RELATIVES…so that’s why the need for obscene profiteering in that so-called DEPARTMENT.


The “weeding out of the herds” causes even more fawns to get born….so forget about that twisted logic…and what more could “sportsmen and sportswomen and sports-kids” desire than more targets for their infantile games…and birth control for those herds is available…how about those who are so interested in weeding out the herds learn to administer birth control?


and as for feeding the poor, how about buying the poor packages of veggie burgers or inviting them over to eat dinner rather than feeding them lead infested tubercular flesh? protein can be found in nuts, beans…and actual dirt itself.

deer do not eat meat …. they graze …. so should we!

and please start protesting photo ops published in newspapers of ignorant humans posing with murdered beings? right above the church news of the day.


would love for you to write letters to editors. I do every year…wishing lots more kind folks would, too! I send letters all over Indiana. I start with my own newspaper in my own town…then to ft. wayne newspapers and then to indy star which never publishes…Logansport does…last year my letter made it into about 8 newspapers.


and facebook is the best spot to speak up….and out and about…speak up…this is a dangerous time of year. because of “hunters”…who should instead hunt for boogers in their own noses and leave the rest of us alone.

in summary…

oh, ho, ha! lies, lies, lies…propaganda…wish to feed the poor? then stop paying big “bucks” …pardon the pun…for costumes, killing equipment and licenses…stop supporting the Department of Nonsense and Rubberstamping (twisted “log…ic”) with cash for licenses…they are laughing all the way to the bank at the idiots who kill for fun and games, pretending they are feeding the hungry and depleting the herds…feeding to the poor tubercular flesh and organs filled with lead poisoning?


whoa…stop the BS, DNR. invite the hungry over for dinner…donate to soup kitchens…spend your free time demonstrating love and not hateful murder. read up and become informed on the unnatural balance of nature being created with this murderous farce. thanks for caring…and speaking up…and watch out for woodland sentient beings being flushed into the roadways from the few forests left for them to inhabit. do not look the other way.

keep your eyes on the roads and on the propaganda…realize the profits are huge for certain manipulative folks.

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