I was clueless until then (2013)

I have been vegan only about two years….I was clueless until then.


my instincts were to eat tomato soup and peanut butter sandwiches and tossed salad from birth…but the world trains us to eat cadavers….which is bad for animals and bad for us! I only needed to watch a couple of tragic videos and listen to some lectures from learned professorial types, and I became a vegan forever.

it is quite easy to do the right thing and to apologize in earnest to the animal kingdom for having devoured 90 animals per year which is the average consumption…when driving by a farmer’s field…count the cattle and multiply by 3 to 5 and say to your self…that is whom I am eating with teeth designed to eat beans and greens and sensible food.

in killing them we are killing ourselves.


thanks for these comments!

Kathy Bostwick: “Beautiful kitty and great article – I am still working on a no-meat diet. I was ‘raised’ to consume animal flesh and now it breaks my heart……I look at my cat ‘zoo’ and tell myself….I wouldn’t eat you so why is it ok to eat any other animal. Thanks for the motivational post!!!!”

Jan Kelley: “I couldn’t wait for snail mail! I just bought the Kindle versions of ‘Secrets….’ and ‘More Secrets……’! I read the first couple chapters and love it! Thanks, Susie, for such great memories. I spent many wonderful hours in our local movie theaters as a youngster growing up in Charleston, S.C. Never forgot them.”

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