crash the party! (2013)

In response to the article “21 state parks to close for deer hunts”

do we not pay taxes to support these parks? I really wish this posturing would stop….so lucrative for the state of Indiana…multi-millions cross palms and more DNR employees (nepotism?) added to the payroll…


many spins offered for why this is staged every fall…usually two week-ends in November…this year one of the week-ends will be during the Christmas season?

what are we teaching our children? nature makes up for the contrived carnage and these people and “sportsmen” and “sportswomen” (ha!) know that…thus, ever more deer to murder.


decimating herds produces even more deer. so forget the “weeding out” argument. feeding the poor? lead-loaded flesh…bovine tuberculosis? and meat is toxic to the human intestinal system. invite the poor to your own home…feed them…healthy vegetables.

licenses, “hunting” gear, weaponry, costumes all for sale.


last year the faux “reason” was depletion of certain types of precious plant life? this year plant life is proliferating and needs to be pruned by deer so that ridiculous rationalization for mass murder is not in play.

these sentient beings are flushed out onto our whizzing highways–people on the move whether they need to be or not. this is horrid and an embarrassment for our state.


this state-wide bulletin issued later than ever this year so that protests can be kept to a minimum…shame on Indiana.

where are the outcries? and birth control is entirely, scientifically possible and available…but where are the profits for the greedy in sensible and humane control of deer populations? there is a sucker born every minute!

write letters to the editor in the short time left…crash the party!

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