Culture and food and sports and heritage…oh my! (2013)

Enjoy this video from the recent Allen County Public Library Authors Fair featuring yours truly as well as Mark Carboni, Blake Sebring, and Ralph Garcia – the panel topic is non-fiction writing from these authors who specialize in culture, food, sports, and heritage respectively. Great fun!

Watch at this link:…


And read about the event in my recent column on the topic:…


loving these comments!

Carole Craft: “Roy, Thanks so very much for sending this. I am so proud of you and Susie. You are both extremely talented.”

Angie Choe: “Very nice! You can see how proud she is of you, Roy! Also it best summed up what you wrote about her second book – I think it was nicely worded.”

Helen Cochrane: “It was good to see Susie and to hear her speak! Thank you for sharing!”

Neil Simon: “Look forward to seeing it!”

Diann Trice: “Roy, it was good seeing Mark and your mom, as always I enjoy the things you send; please keep them up.”

Linda Chapman: “This is fun to see. Thanks for sending the link.”

Tari Joyce: “I was like ‘ME’? Mention me!!! Oh, I love seeing Susie!! Thanks, Roy!!!”

Betty Bob Buckley: “Enjoyed hearing about Susie Sexton’s books.”

Shelley Forsythe: “‘My son got me on Facebook’ is the understatement of the century. I can’t wait to meet your mom. She seems like a hoot.”

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