My poem

After a nice stiff drink.
What do I think?
I’ve got my list about
Where I want it I shout…


People who think.
People who wink
At the conceited.
Just what is needed —


People who give a damn
And seem to be fam.
People who stop to share.
People who really care


And always put self
Away on some shelf!
I love, yes, LOVE, my FB friends
Who shun trendy trends!


Oriented toward global type
Peace & activism –no hype!
Welcome to the world we want,
No kids nor animals sad and gaunt.


Hope is ours and we march to that
Whenever we click away and chat!


Sincerely yours, Susie Sexton — that is I!
That’s all for now…Love ya! Good-bye!


neat comments!

Jayson Leary: “Ma’am, are you any relation to the 20th century poet Anne Sexton?”

Rachael Hiscock: “Sounds like a perfect world (no kids nor animals sad and gaunt).”

Colin Lively: “I love Susie’s look now too. Very chic, casual, timeless.”

Tari Joyce: “As beautiful then as you are now!!!”

Diane Shenkman Baumgarten: “Beautiful photo!”

Nichole O’Reilly: “I LOVE this photo!”

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