I believed in a god once…

why is a wonderful animal rescue television show broadcast at 3 a.m. — and absolute junk is broadcast during prime time…hey, if interested in “reality” tv, try www.animalrescuetv.com …this program is absolutely wonderful.


the handsomest veterinarian I have ever seen stated that “there is no truer love in the world than that of an animal for a person.” he saved the life of a precious little mutt and took the doll home… “a better world for animals and people” is the header for this divine programming! glad I am still awake…I usually am!

on the other end of the spectrum …

interesting that extortion is another form of animal cruelty…just saw a tv spot about forcing a sweet lady to pay a vet bill for ten grand? or else?


I think kindness and compassion are not for sale anymore…MIA! they were always complimentary perhaps…and too many human beings have even forgotten how to be…complimentary? cash or credit cards only…or no service…compassion is on the installment plan. this poor lady had the sweetest face…and had already paid $1,300 and was advised that if she did not spring for 10 grand more she would be guilty of animal cruelty? guess what? another vet took care of the dog and the dog is now fine? she is suing the other vet. lots of folks try to figure out how to make money off animals….AND THAT IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! been wondering when this would be addressed. notice many shelter pets that can be “sprung” if lots of money changes hands…including vet bills…pretty common on facebook posts. and if money does not change hands, the animal will be tossed dead into a trash receptacle. wow.

people whom I know too well throw the word “Christian” around and proceed to ignore the problems of this world and those who suffer needlessly. they seem only interested in increasing membership at newly constructed buildings. cults, rote information dispersed, allegiance to only other members, and right to life only for themselves and the unborn … disregard for the slaughterhouses murdering pigs, calves removed from their mothers who will be artificially inseminated over and over and over, and ignoring full shelters of cats and dogs.


I love this statement from my friend Roland Vincent:

Let’s stop calling them “shelters.” They are cat and dog death camps! Using the word “shelter” suggests that animals will be protected. Unless it’s No-Kill, it isn’t a shelter!

I can understand the death culture among public “shelters,” run by cities and counties by people who really don’t care about animals. What I cannot fathom is the killing mania by people who profess to love animals. It seem…s they are so terrified of possible suffering by unwanted puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats that they would rather see them dead!

Would you kill a child because life might be cruel to him or her? Would you exterminate homeless people because they have a hard life on the streets? Is your own peace of mind more important to you than the lives of creatures who just want to live?

I believe in animals’ rights. And the most basic animal right is the right of an animal to live.

I believed in a god once…but their god…the god that only belongs to folks with their noses in the air? that god I do not recognize. only humans in real time can stop all of the second by second atrocities aimed at the helpless…the god I once believed in would love some help on that score. a little less time praying for each other over hang-nails…a little less time at church picnics…a little less time singing in the choirs…would free up human hands to reach out each second and save lives and soothe souls and really truly care about something besides bigger houses, more babies, vacations, trips to other countries, new cars, unpaid mounting bills, and groupthink. time to love they neighbor as thyself…and that includes all sentient beings!


we have survived some very frightening times in our lives and wondered truly if anybody cared even a tiny bit…and we were correct to do so…in spite of that I empathize even more than I did before with particularly the disenfranchised, that includes people and animals…no difference. I watch those who seem not to deserve the good times constantly coming their way due to their singleness of purpose (being self-love and jumping through the societal hoops and kissing up to the so-called landed gentry) and wonder how such shallowness ever works?

it should not.

stay strong and determined and as loving as you are. your intelligence and truthful nature will see you through…


so far, and I do mean so far, perseverance has worked for us…with very very very little support from others. an incredible lack of support. appreciation for sentient beings makes us special…we relate to fear and to sadness and uncertainty and we are aware of the fickleness of the human race…and as depressing as that may seem, it is nice to know whom and what we are dealing with so that we continue to care about others and that always includes those sentient beings who need humans who can relate to the incredible disregard animals endure.

we have landed on veganism …you can, too … the only way to go…eating cadavers and body parts and flesh is, needless to say, toxic to humans whose teeth were designed to eat vegetables and nuts and berries…first, we are kind and second, we benefit with good health from being kind…it’s magic! absolute magic…and the folks who get rich on blood money can lend us their talents to green up the globe because they care that they have poisoned bajillions of us with their encouragement to devour mass-produced cadavers who were murdered en masse under very stressful conditions. the nightmare ends for all of us forever. and god will at last smile! because we figured out all by ourselves who the bad guys are…easy to do so…they are the ones counting their cash.


I am really quite grateful to have become empathetic through my own sadnesses. I would not give that quality up…I won it the hard way. so few people really work through problems together because we hide from each other…and hide behind bragging and exaggeration and hype …it ain’t easy but it will be worth it…believe me I can totally sympathize…and empathize!


appreciate this feedback so much!

Trish Shelton: “wow…this is so powerful…it really speaks the sad truth about how humans are just resistant to the plight of the animals. thanks for sharing this! … I feel as though I have, by reading your post & then Susie’s blog, come upon a hidden (to me) treasure! ♥”

Jenny Toulidakis: “That was beautifully written and so true.”

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