Other Nations: “Pig wrestling – Small injustices enable larger ones”

I cannot begin to tell you how honored I am to be included in Kathleen Stachowski’s incredible “Other Nations” blog.


You can read it by clicking here.

Here’s an excerpt…

So, to Susie and to all of you who speak out, put your name on the line, and break the silence–even when you’re likely to be the only one taking a stand–I repeat the words of appreciation I found in her message: “Thank goodness for you people!”

THANK YOU, Kathleen…I wander about — all day long — having fun with and taking care of my household “pets”, and I prowl Facebook to help virtual nonhumans (I love THAT term!). At last, I do feel validated reading through this beautiful piece of writing which I shall always treasure.

More thrilling for me, though, is that the sentient beings (and a host of others “who” came to mind as I read) mentioned by Kathleen are featured in a perfect message any reader can understand. Of course, I delight that countless folks will be subsequently recruited to this noble cause, i.e. joining those of us who are fostering true respect for and reverence for all beings who inhabit this planet Earth!

I am honored to be included with those exceptional sentient souls mentioned in this magnificent article! For the moment I have felt the pleasure of having landed in heaven itself!


neat comments!

Donald O’Donovan: “I’d like to see this event and others like it cancelled, but if that’s not possible then I hope the pig wins.”

Christy Fearn: “Thanks for sharing this. It’s all about ego. Overpowering animals is regarded by many cultures as proof of (masculine) strength and therefore ego. Real men don’t need to dominate.”

Karrie Ann Rose: “n a similar topic, I wrote an email and called a local radio station that decided that airing youtube videos of pig wrestling was funny and entertaining. It made me sick to my stomach … they were not even decent enough to reply … good for Susie.”

Kelly Huddleston: “Congrats to Susie! Shared!”

Shuree Hessler: “So sad! …the pig’s eyes make me sooooo sad.”

Ashley Humphrey: “What the h*ll? Do people know they have the intelligence of a three-year-old? The USA needs to make a law called, ‘A citizen can not earn money using wildlife as entertainment.’ It’s just as bad as kidnapping and using a human for trafficking.”

Marian Patience Harvey: “We will banish in Indiana by 2015. If we did it in Putnam County in three years, we can stop it in the rest of the state in two years….Thanks Susie…..all the Sextons! Keep at it….”

Suzanne: “This made me cry. And it makes me feel like I make a difference. Please thank your mom for me. Bravo. She’s amazing. And the apple doesn’t fall far…”

Cindy Ducey: “Yes -Thank God for people like Susie. So sad that people think this is ‘great fun’ for the whole family.”

Florence Windfall: “Gadz! All the ways to dominate, abuse, and kill captive animals!”

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