what a crock of ____ we are constantly handed

so sad that indiana is breeding pigs like mad for slaughter and for exporting to china and for mining parts for human beings who need new knees to play more golf….

so purdue issues a rationale for murdering deer families in state parks again this killing season…in july the newspapers publish way ahead of time so that we all understand and shut the f*** up??

now, how can the hoosier state which has gone all ga-ga for artificially inseminating pigs to the tune of tripling the amount of “farm” animal slaves to add to climate change, heightening swine flu possibilities, cluttering up the environment with blood, guts, and poop, now whine about a faux environmental/conservation issue involving deer nibbling lovely wildflowers to the extent that ginger and paw paw grow in the stead of clover and periwinkle or whatever…and the poor deer will starve and thus need to be shot to smithereens with guns and crossbows and arrows and by kids and red-necks…and the state sees a huge profit for this noble “sport” as does the NRA!

and some more fiends get elected!

(remember, the fireworks lobbyists offering campaign contributions assure that we elect lots of self-serving pirates!)

what a crock of ____ we are constantly handed in this backward but greedy hoosier state! DEMOCRAT EVAN BAYH FOR GOVERNOR…ASAP!

do not believe the neanderthal hoosier spins even if they emanate from purdue headed up by ex. governor Republican darling MITCH DANIELS. damn.

get the kochs outta our state, too! and let us PRAY that mike pence has a short political “career” and that folks just laugh at his aspirations of running for president…in your dreams, mike! just my thought for the day!

love this exchange!

Carol Baker: “Holy shiatsu, Susie! My mouth is rubbing off on you! *laughing*”

Me: “pretty darn much, Carol!”

Carol Baker: “I’m so proud.”

Me: “carol, I even cleaned it up a little…so it read smoother? and the Tourette’s got asterisked?”

Carol Baker: “I rarely try to cover it up. I consider myself a cultured person with the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor. It’s a gift.”

Me: “and that is my goal…I am gaining on it moment by moment. I find that colorful language is similar to barking relentlessly.”

Carol Baker: “When the dog barks relentlessly, she’s telling me I need to listen. It’s certainly an attention-getter. I’m not always thrilled with her barking, but she uses it judiciously. Swearing is like that.”

Me: “see? my point exactly! arf!!!!!”

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