sure they cry…all the way to the bank

heard something on the radio yesterday that all kinds of pro athletes are switching to a vegan diet out of compassion and for performance and that farmers are freaking out but the world is changing. (click here.)

now this I love…would appreciate seeing THIS — the OTHER side of such a vital issue– in small midwestern newspapers…thank GOD for the social network…wondering why here in Indiana we NEVER get to read informative articles but instead propaganda with politics and paybacks attached.

do our newspapers care about the readers … all of the readers…or about $$$$$$$$$$? about time to drop subscriptions. certainly is. (click here for more.)

the circle of life means REVERENCE for all forms of life…and not purposely raising animals for slaughter and CASH! and once again a pig virus in Indiana…but no problem? “only” killing huge proliferations of newborn piglets…and “pork” prices are up because the profiteers are fattening up the pigs so they can generate more bucks per pound and rest assured no plague possibilities for “sweet HUMAN money-grubbing” pigs…just wipes out the piglets with fatal cases of diarrhea and they are tossed out and mama pig is artificially inseminated again and again and again…and breeders of animals to be slaughtered for profit cry.

sure they cry…all the way to the bank….one of these days we shall all pay the price for this terror…

(Indiana aligned with China also…big time…yet we are such a bigoted state…guess not when $$$$$ are involved?)

and then there’s this …

[click here to join me in commenting on this travesty.]

so tasteless, so coarse, so inhumane, so embarrassing, so utterly visceral in a kinky, brainless, hillbilly manner…why can’t the hoosier state lead the way in banning these displays of human ignorance and animal abuse…just clueless and mindless and thoughtless.

can you believe this stuff? Indiana’s biggest money-producing “crop” would be pigs…and we also have plagues because of the huge amount of over-bred pig populations…and yet we laugh about “meet your bacon” at these “wholesome” 4-H fairs and encourage big teen-agers to mud-wrestle, four humans on one animal–all over this state for weeks on end…summer “fun”…it is horrid.. nothing cute or wholesome or funny about it…no amount of “spin” can justify how crude this makes our state look. was 4-H always this vile…never stopped to think about it…an auction of flesh…flesh for cash…and brainwashing kids…plain and simple.

Elaine Musick: “Yes, I can believe it… backward and devolution… in all states in all regards, political, humanitarian. Here in VA, Smithfield Foods is now owned by the Chinese. They are a huge pork producer, and as we all know, there is much animal abuse, downright evil in China toward all animals.. I can only imagine the torture pigs suffer in that country. Boycott Smithfield Foods.”

back to pig wrestling … Tonja Robertson: “Indy Star—IN Criminal Code 35-46-3-12 makes it illegal to beat an animal, swine are included, the definition of beat in the code is ‘to throw the animal against an object causing the animal to suffer severe pain or injury.’ Are you looking into whether this act that you have reported on was illegal carrying criminal liability?”

Madeleine Fisher Kern: “It seems the pigs are wrestling the pigs. I don’t know which is the bigger porker. I guess when they’re not doing something constructive like terrorizing an animal, they watch TV and eat Cheetos. They are a disgrace.”

Deborah Snyder: “They look like a bunch of uneducated, uncivilized idiots that do not have any common sense whatsoever… they should be arrested; this should be against the law. I hope they got a big mouth full of sh*t…”

end the apathy…enlighten people and encourage empathy. would a swine flu epidemic finally wise up these adults who devise this money-making crass mania at “fairs”? nothing fair about this atrocity. makes tons of us question the entire concept of 4-H to the maximum.

time to analyze this time-warp “fair” business and call it a day

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