I have got compassion fatigue

you can help…yes, you can…just click SHARE and each shelter animal you share has more opportunities to be saved…the ONLY reason I facebook long into the night and early morning….not to share recipes nor brag nor be all phony baloney nor hook up with folks I never talked with in the first place…

nope, facebook matters for one reason only …making this world a better place for all…absolutely all…from insects to elephants … and for people everywhere. we are all the same…we can all feel fear….we can all experience joy…and joy is what is needed not hate nor bullying nor self-interest. please click SHARE every chance you get…a share is a prayer…not a promise of a prayer…nor a show-boating performance of a prayer to unseen gods above, with palms clasped…it is DOING SOMETHING for another.

CLICK…CLICK…CLICK…SHARE…SHARE…SHARE. thanks for reading and thanks for doing.

“A high percentage of Atheists support Animal Rights, much higher than the public at large or any religious persuasion in particular. Why would that be? It could be that in eschewing religious dogma they are not impressed with a god who gave humans dominion over animals, or one that requires (or required) animal sacrifices. It could be that Atheists are generally better educated. It could be that most Atheists are much more politically Liberal than the general public, or any religious laity. Whatever the reasons, it is in the animals’ interests to have more Atheists in this world. More Atheists means more Animal Rights activists!” – Roland Windsor Vincent

totally agree…I always think to myself that there is no THEO…so how can we be anti something or somebody who does not exist? self-proclaimed Christians are so tiresome…I cannot believe the small time junk we normal people have to endure from the “believers” who seem to “believe” simply to get ahead in town…and make lots of money by networking…what jerks they are. kind of a junior/senior prom.

“Bullies are made, not born. They’re made at sheep dressing competitions and pig wrestling matches. They develop and hone their callous disregard for sentient others at calf cash races and chicken scrambles, events that are presented to them as normal and fun. Why? Because to perpetuate itself, animal agriculture requires that children embrace the lessons of speciesism. One could even posit the idea that animal ag victimizes not only animals, but children, too.” – Kathleen StachowskiOther Nations

so, let’s try this one … rednecking and/or country clubbing “hunters” are getting their “feelings” hurt? (click here for this absurd tale). how did these types get to this egotistical, misguided point? the bush administration?

just unreal…and what a very mixed group in their student council type photo there…where would we all be without self-dubbed “conservationists”? the inmates really want to be in complete charge of the asylum they are creating, do they not?

they are surprised at the response? well, here’s MY response: “Inglourious Basterds – Hans Landa laughing”

one a$$ like Seth Meyers, whom I thought I really liked, can utter one animal bashing “funny” (in last night’s monologue) to gain questionable applause and thoughtless guffaws and lose my allegiance for a lifetime…how can I sit through the emmy awards with him hosting? i may not.

I have got compassion fatigue to the extent I doubt humanity to the max…I wish I could help enlighten masses of humans…impossible…the human ego is monstrous and never stops ticking away. the only comfort I experience is that ironically I AM NOT ALONE…there are a bajillion humans out there who care and wish to change attitudes…so how can those of us who care still feel so all alone? an enigma…


a poor tiny orphan kitten was killed yesterday in spite of pledges…really? and many others with this kitten also. spaying and neutering is really swell…but once these kids get born, America, let us think of a better plan than murdering animals for fertilizer and smashed up in pet food for a profit…

Michelle Obama got into trouble for saying she was ashamed of this country. anybody in one’s right mind should be ashamed of our disposable society, our hypocrisies, and our apathy…and for behaving in far too many instances like countries we disapprove of…we can try harder to stop the second by second slaughters…laziness and apathy and self-concern are poor excuses for such travesties.

A “spin” that just transfers guilt can be another risk that animals suffer the consequences of…a human game. Spaying and neutering are dandy ideas…but that advice does not clear the way or provide for an excuse for mass murder of excess domestic animals…a fabulous attorney shared that information and it is valuable and worthwhile to remember.

Animals do not deserve the spin games of rationalizing humans shifting blame from themselves to others and back and forth…the animals always seem to lose no matter what with all the blah, blah, blah!

thanks for the feedback!

Theresa Chaze: “Of course I support those who help our animals and wildlife.”

Dominique Osh: “Well put, Susie!”

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