So honored to be featured on the TV show Patty’s Page

Enjoy this interview of yours truly on lovely Patty Hunter’s Fort Wayne-based talk show Patty’s Page.

View at this link:…

We candidly discuss the experiences of growing up in small-town Columbia City, the high and lows and the delights and frustrations of writing columns and books, my love of animals and movies and fun, the importance of always keeping an open mind, and many more wide-ranging topics. Enjoy!


thanks for this feedback!

Jo Powers Biddle: “LOVED seeing AND hearing your mom on Patty’s talk show. Thanks for sharing the link, Roy!”

Lee Gaylord: “She’s good people.”

Maureen D’Agostino: “Loved this interview! I’m still laughing!”

Robin Plasterer: “She is so cool. I love you and your entire family. Too funny!!!”

Beth Kennedy: “i cannot wait until she has her own talk show – who will be her sidekick? i can perfectly picture her in her ski mask with her wire cutters, and i’d be happy to bail her out.”

Rayma Hogan: “If anybody can save them all, Susie, I know you can!!”

Pat Mossburg: “I do love your Momma, Roy!!”

Tyler Chase: “You’re lucky to have Susie for your Mom, Roy. She’s a great lady. I loved the part where she is describing your education and says hold on there’s more.”

Helen Cochrane: “I loved all of Edna’ s family and especially on Roy Duncan’s birthday August 17th. I wish all of Roy’s family a great time of pleasure on his birthday.”

Krisan Gregson: “Loved being able to watch your Patty’s Page interview on You Tube. All this technology is certainly amazing!”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Roy, Your mom is a peach among peaches, and I am very thankful to know the both of you. I learn something new every day when I read your column or your mom’s. Take care my friends, and Patty’s chat with your Mom sounded like she was sitting down with an old friend, and they were just chatting about things that interested the both of them. COOL!!! Really COOL!!!”

Tari Joyce: “I’m thankful because you are some of the best people I know. I am grateful to have spent time & laughs !! I just know Susie & I have lineage ~ She’s my chosen sister for life !! Love you guys!!”

Mary Hurston: “Loved it, Susie!”

Kama McClanahan-Darr: “Unbelievable!!! Thank you so much. I’m honored! … You’re asked to create a special bracelet for someone not thinking you would ever get mentioned in an interview or have it shown on TV. WOW! Thank you to Author Susie Duncan Sexton for doing so. You can hear her talk about it around the 17 minute mark or so. THANK YOU Fans of Susie Duncan Sexton! Secrets of an Old Typewriter by Susie Duncan Sexton”

Beth Hilt: “Thanks Roy! I really enjoyed your mom’s interview on YouTube – she should consider hosting her own show.”

B Anne Giles Watson: “Susie Sexton, West Ward sounds like an insane asylum?!? Loved it…and CCJHS…sounds like a drug palace! I laughed so hard! A fun show!!!”

Ginger Haycox: “LOL! I can sooo relate! Seven years old & no more meat for me. Loved salads & my grandfather said my mother had turned me into a rabbit…loved pasta…any pasta – loved cream of mushroom soup & veggie soup of course. I would sit in the middle of our vegetable garden in the summer & eat my way to the kitchen door & then not have enough room to eat dinner. Dinner that had meat…blech! my pets were everywhere I was & I could not look into their faces & then sit at the table & eat a distant cousin…just not in my makeup. My oldest brother hunts & fishes…you wonder about Thanksgiving get-togethers?”


on another note …

Texas Gov. Perry says indictment is abuse of power??

I know this, Governor…you perpetrated a grammatical error here: “The details of my decision-making were very clear. I said early on that I was going to clearly veto those dollars as long as they had someone in that office who I had lost confidence in,” Perry said. “And I had lost confidence.” Two errors…you ended a sentence with a preposition AND “WHOM” is not only the objective form of “WHO” but also the object of the preposition with which you completed the sentence? Speaking of “sentences”! Content B-/Mechanics C-!

(Note within margin: Beginning a sentence with a conjunction — In your case, “And” — is now all the rage in “journalistic” circles…so you are forgiven for the sentence fragment fad/trend which only serves to make you “cool” and “with it”! Might get you some votes with the “hipper” conservatives!)

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