D=dimwitted and N=nutjobs and R=Run Amok! 2014


selling licenses which are pretty pricey and at reduced prices to the youth also….just read an article tonight… squirrels? has bloodlust gotten that “nuts”? has money-grubbing become that outrageously flagrant? shameful…actually frightening.

Kamini Christina Merner: “Whoever kills an animal for fun or in the name of ‘sport’ destroys their own humanity.”

absolutely, kamini…such a growing list of those…hopefully a longer list of those of us who stop them.

Prince of Wales in Conservation Effort to Save Red Squirrel

Judy Kramer: “They’d have a ‘field day’ at my house. I feed them so I have quite a few at my place. Better NOT – don’t tote a gun but have a ‘big mouth’. Where do these people come from – unbelievable!!??”

Mad about Wisconsin DNR Killing a Fawn With a SWAT Team? Take Some Action

D=dimwitted and N=nutjobs and R=Run Amok!

and now otters?!? in yesterday’s newspaper: “The state of Indiana is proposing a limited trapping season for river otters and to allow for the sale of river otter furs less than 20 years after the animals were reintroduced after becoming extinct in Indiana.” horrific.

River otter trapping season considered for Indiana

this state is so backward…an embarrassment…

so they are advertising license “sales” for killing 5 squirrels per day……a “nutty” amount of money…and a bit less for YOUNGSTERS. and now this otter business?!?

wondering why anything involving the DNR seems not to get attention. they are like a cash register…cha chinging…what can we sell for mass slaughter of something or other today…licenses and guns and hunting gear…cha ching…I cannot stand the DNR either…lots of relatives of relatives employed there…becoming so red-neck in hoosierville…what is up with that…

and our paper publishes slaughtered animals or animals being led to slaughter constantly…year round…cycles…4-H, turkey slaughter…deer slaughter…”feeshing” ! enough already…year after year after year.


thanks for this feedback!

Debbie Malek: “I can understand her frustration! As bad as the situation is for squirrels, how does she feel about cows, pigs, fish?” [Check earlier blog entries for that. I’m definitely consistent!]

Val Silver: “Beautiful story, beautifully written. Our dogs aren’t ‘perfect’, but they sure are loved and make our lives better, don’t they? Thank you for saving Jack and Zelda. And yes, they do speak, and when we listen, we understand.”

Rachele Baker: “Thank you for sharing your wonderful story, Susie.”

Janet Siano: “A wonderfully written story. So heartwarming and enjoyable.”

Drex Morton: “Thank you for sharing this piece.”

Cara: “I loved the story. Thank you for sharing! Jack and Zelda have a special owner and I know Zelda is greatly missed. By your story they are, and were, well cared for!”

Gail Paul: “What a wonderful story. I know what it’s like to have to euthanize a well-loved dog.”

Groovy Goldendoodles: “Still think this is such a wonderful way to introduce great bloggers/writers to the rest of us. Loved the story.”

Lorraine D: “Wonderful story! Thank you.”

Kathleen MK: “Miss Sexton ~~ You made me smile many times as I read about your Jack and Zelda. Thank you for sharing them with me today.”

Janis Mcclure: “Wonderful tale of a journey of love, we have shared our lives with three wonderful dogs and would do it all over again. Thanks for a beautiful reminder.”

Nicte Renedo: “So lovely.”

Linda Gentry Guest: “I love this story.”

Beth Kennedy: “what a beautiful love story for the ages”

Ali Isaac: “Love this new special feature on your blog, Rachele! And what a lovely story beautifully told to start it all off.”

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “She is FANTASTIC!”

Dolly the Doxie: “What a beautiful story! Its always the dog left behind that breaks my heart the most, thanks so much for sharing.”

Daniella: “I really enjoyed your story – lots of emotion and made me tear up. Beautifully written!”

Jenna/Mark “HuskyCrazed” Drady: “This was so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.”

Kitties Blue: “What an exquisitely beautiful and well-written story.”

Dogsnpawz: “Love this story. Very beautifully written. Thanks for sharing your story about your two very special fur babies.”

Marie Symeou: “Wonderful post!”

Paul Hoofard: “J’aime!”

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