somebody’s rediscovered intellectualism and the socratic method: Speciesism the Movie

we watched speciesism: the movie last night –

somebody’s rediscovered intellectualism and the socratic method of arriving at truths…refreshing, gentle approach to the urgent need to address this holocaust of species other than ourselves and perpetrated daily by each one of us — an unnecessary and unwise mass destruction of Lives and our environment, a monumental devastation which is indeed happening second by second in America…

we are not the superior species after all. a reasoned approach to an ethical question looming large!

Speciesism: The Movie Synopsis

Modern farms are struggling to keep a secret. Most of the animals used for food in the United States are raised in giant, bizarre “factory farms,” hidden deep in remote areas of the countryside. Speciesism: The Movie director Mark Devries set out to investigate. The documentary takes viewers on a sometimes funny, sometimes frightening adventure, crawling through the bushes that hide these factories, flying in airplanes above their toxic “manure lagoons,” and coming face-to-face with their owners.

But this is just the beginning. In 1975, a young writer published a book arguing that no justifications exist for considering humans more important than members of other species. It slowly began to gain attention. Today, a quickly growing number of prominent individuals and political activists are adopting its conclusions. They have termed the assumption of human superiority speciesism. And, as a result, they rank these animal factories among the greatest evils in our history. Speciesism: The Movie brings viewers face-to-face with the leaders of this developing movement, and, for the first time ever on film, fully examines the purpose of what they are setting out to do.


Indiana Dove Hunting Season Expanded

so our Hoosier DNR runs three articles in local newspapers throughout the State of Indiana…this week…one right after the other…open season first on SQUIRRELS? then RIVER OTTERS? now MOURNING DOVES…individual licenses on sale and youth licenses as well…(teach the kids to kill)…and each has its own price tag? PROFIT, FOLKS…BLOOD MONEY…PLEASE PROTEST…

thank you for this feedback!

Sylvie Caltrider: “Great read!”

Florence Windfall: “Thanks for turning us Facebook fans onto this film, Roy! I look forward to showing it at Humanist Hall one day!”

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