open season on this and that and those and these

this facebook exchange is just too important not to share – it is in response to the video A Cow At My Table [Vegan Animal Rights Liberation] – click title to view (you MUST watch) …

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “This was really tough to see…”

Susie Sexton: “oh, indeed…and even tougher and more impossible to endure for these living beings who know nothing but suffering. this footage is haunting but less violent than so many of these clips…very artfully crafted. I read clueless newspaper articles every day and wish to stop poring through such detached horror…I cannot bear to read them…open season on this and that and those and these…with no empathy from the writers whatsoever…I call that irresponsible journalism…time for print media …well, really all media… to get on board and present the other side, actually the correct and loving side. until soon…in the immediate future… there will be no more destruction of life, and peace will be at hand. thanks for watching. we cannot stop the madness if we look away and fail to empathize and change the horrifying momentum of death and torture. to sit down and eat meat is perpetuating the nightmare…and should be difficult for all of difficult or even more so than viewing the devastation of living beings right before our eyes. see SPECIESISM …crystallizes what anyone in one’s right mind would think. and does so gently, logically!”

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “Sadly, one of our favorite excuses is ‘We’ve ALWAYS done it this way…’ Humans are an easily led pack of followers. Independent thought and real effort are becoming more scarce as time passes. This culture teaches us to justify the most callous of actions rather than to question ourselves and own our part in it. I really try to teach empathy and respect for all life. It must be done gently, since people are so often embroiled in so many bitter, detached, lives. So…. How do you motivate people beyond a ‘no effort required’ position?”

Roy Sexton: “So true – I think we just keep sharing the info – the sadnesses and the joys of the of animals on this planet and eventually reach all the dunderheads out there!”

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “It is all important to me. Parenting first, moral values, teaching children to question everything. Teaching them to be loving and unique. I wish more kids were brought up with a better value system…Okay, off my soapbox.”

Susie Sexton: “terrific, Kelley! no soapbox…the truth…which will set us free! you are a smart human! and so is Roy!”

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “Thank you. I just tend to wear my feelings in plain view.”

Roy Sexton” “you are both angels!”

Susie Sexton: “I do the same, Kelley! two peas in a pod! but I like what roy called us better…”


thanks for this feedback!

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “Thank you I am flattered (Kel) <—– blushing. I am so happy to know kindred souls. You really bring compassion to the forefront.”

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