up to the rest of us to teach kids to appreciate all living beings

Looks like America has some work to do…encouraging children to care about others besides themselves — via ads, newspaper articles, television shows, books, after-school programs, school curricula, church programs AND by example, etc.

If adults are asleep at the wheel or even purposely poisoning young minds concerning the RIGHTS and welfare of all sentient beings, of all species, then it is up to the rest of us to teach kids to appreciate all living beings. So thrilling that the puppy is now in good hands.

Elena Reyes Kent wrote, “Great words! I’ve been teaching children as well as adults my whole life. I keep squawking & will never stop. Although I feel there are many who agree with our views, those who also agree shy away from the spotlight. Not I, as I love those innocents more than I worry about who may throw stones at me. Their lives matter, so they can hit me with stones, bricks and boulders as long as they’re not throwing them at those who are voiceless.”

I love what she wrote! “I love those innocents more than I worry about who may throw stones at me.” I have landed in that same spot by now…never felt so smart in my life until I figured out that I am not important, but our cause IS! And THE significance of animal rights and welfare is that once acknowledged by all, the world will be changed for the absolute better …for every living being!


From The Post and Mail – Wonderful piece by Christie Workman – I adore this Monarch butterfly article … and Madge Woodham taught me to read! Great work, Christie!

One of the WANE-TV weathermen – Jesse Hawila – also raises Monarchs, a topic which he mentioned a couple of weeks ago during a telecast. I fell in love with him that night I did! An important endeavor which should be of interest to all of us… An informative yet gentle article from Christie!

My son Roy enjoys Christie so much and appreciated being interviewed by her a couple of years ago. Thanks for her sweetness…much needed in this world! Enjoy! www.thepostandmail.com



such neat comments – thanks!

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “Just read this and signed the petition. Thanks! I can’t watch the video of the kid slamming his puppy down though. Ugh.”

Elizabeth Lean: “the puppy was saved thank goodness”

Anthony Marr: “That’s right, Susie. We need a counter-propaganda machine.”

Elena Reyes Kent: “Thank you.”

Elena Consigli: “children are the future; we must teach to them the respect for all beings”

Shannon Basner: “A wonderful young man donated towards my organization Mojo’s Hope for his birthday. He and his friends raised $200 for us! Compassion in Action!”

Jill Wheaton Lindsey: “I love your Mom’s blog!!!! I shared this on my rescue page as well!!! Three Sisters and A Brother Animal Rescue

Laurie Woodruff Henderson: “It’s a given. Of course!”

Mary Maday: “Have read up on Monarchs recently. Am going to plant their favorites next year. Have not seen any in Wyoming but remember them from when I was a little girl.”

Christie Workman: “Thanks, Roy and Susie…appreciate the kind words.”

Dani Ella Rene: “NICE!!”

Jesse Hawila: “Wonderful!! Thanks so much for sharing this, Roy. I appreciate it. I’m so glad to find more and more people expressing their love for Monarchs. It’s such an important thing to me and has been for years. I would love to meet Monarch momma! And tell your mom thanks so much!”

Lorraine Dumas: “This is so important and should be a part of every school’s curriculum.”

Paul Hoofard: “It’s up to parents first to teach our children to respect all animal life and human life. Then church and then school. And if you are good parents this will go far in life.”

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