The Image of Magazine – Novella Series, featuring yours truly!

Check out this feature on yours truly as part of San Diego’s The Image Of Magazine‘s “Novella Series” – thanks to editor Tommy Jennings! What an honor!

Read here: http://www.imagecompaniesenterprises….

Quote: “Always an observer of events and human traits, Susie Duncan Sexton offers without apology her thoughts and observations as they are and once were, and fitting her persona into pigeonholes is impossible. ‘I have searched for the ‘We of Me’ since toddler days and have always come up wanting,” she says, “though I trust that in my next life I shall finally have figured out how to make this world a better place full of tolerance and inclusiveness and understanding for all forms of life.’”

Read the rest at the link: http://www.imagecompaniesenterprises….


thanks for this feedback!

Patty Hunter: “oh, my my.. many thanks for including my show in this article … just looked at my interview with Susie Duncan Sexton, again… totally awesome and sweet person, Susie is. … blessings to you, Susie and Roy… many thanks, eh?”

Shannon Wright: “Way to go, Susie!!! Thanks for the tag, Roy.”

Beth Kennedy: “How cool!”

Laurie LaRue Bills: “Thank you for including me! Love and hugs to all of you!”

Terry Doran: “Congratulations to you, Roy, and to your wonderfully talented/eccentric mom, and to Patty for having the good sense to have Susie on her show.”

Carissa Serino: “pretty awesome! congratulations, guys! thanks for the tag…please feel free to share on my page”

Tom Joyce: “Yaaaay! Gotta Tweet that.”

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