we are writing our own demise second by second

in response to this sad story about excalibur, the dog euthanized for potential ebola exposure.


from what I have read, that action was totally unnecessary…isolation and observation would have been wise in terms of knowing more about this plague is the consensus…knee-jerk reaction from clueless humans who are also the very reason for this outbreak…geez almighty!

Michelle Lowe: “This is pulled from a lot of research and reading I’ve done, to give credit where credit is due. But, it is true that some animals, such as bats and monkeys, can be reservoirs for Ebola. You catch the virus by eating these animals. Dogs can technically have the virus if they eat an animal with Ebola. However, dogs do not get sick from Ebola and they do not transmit the virus to other dogs. Dog/human transmission of diseases is just not something that happens. You might catch something from your pig or from geese flying overhead, but not from your most faithful companion. You would have to work really hard at it and be pretty filthy to catch worms from your dog. That is it as far as transmission from dogs to humans, other than love, and worms are not a disease. No one has or will catch Ebola from a dog unless perhaps they eat the dog. The killing of Excalibur just adds a senseless death to an already tragic situation.”

perfectly expressed, michelle! the problem with all of this is: HUMANS SLAUGHTERING ANIMALS AND EATING THEM AS A MATTER OF DAILY ROUTINE…and then we get all skittish when random — or organized — death may be headed OUR way???

…humans are such egotistical morons! and we are doomed because we have no hearts…no empathy. we invite our own destruction…we are responsible. I could just scream!

humans just cannot be the ultimate jewels of evolution…we are writing our own demise second by second. we are not the superior species after all. just look around at facebook posts…self-involvement is the prevalent message. I delight when I find somebody like Michelle and happily many others…gives me hope! the egoists drop off my “friends” list to be replaced by those who care and who think.


thanks for this feedback!

Blake Boadicea Wolfe: “I saw this on the news yesterday, despicable. Poor love should have been quarantined, same as they’re doing with the hubby, who if in a usual relationship, would be more likely to be infected. (Guessing bodily fluids = bad – am not going to research ebola).”


Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “I agree that in the face of their own possible demise, humans will overreact like they did in the case of this poor innocent dog. It’s like a way to make the fear stay away by sacrificing animals – AGAIN!”

Nancy McCabe: “Disgraceful …”

Olga Rodriguez: “Thank you so much!”

Patricia Derling: “So disgusting they killed this dog.”

Shannon Basner: “Great article and just heartbreaking… ♥”

Nancy Becker: “Heartily agree – quarantine should have been the answer. Have done some reading on this and some sites talk about dogs having the disease, but it is only temporary. They seem to have the ability to recover due to their immune system. Now that’s just preliminary info, but all of this info should prescribe caution, not hysteria.”

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