an army marching together for peace on earth starting with the smallest ant’s welfare

MY STATUS AT THIS POINT IN TIME: hey, pleading with anybody who walks on two feet to do whatever we can to help save an animal’s life…if that does not interest you, then perhaps you should move on?

i’ll miss you, but we need an army marching together for peace on earth starting with the smallest ant’s welfare being of major importance. different strokes for different folks…keystrokes that is…and keystrokes can add up to victory…victory for all living beings!

the first picture below should make us sad…but the second picture beside it should make us glad…and how do we get to “glad”? well, sometimes we have to acknowledge “sad”…we cannot look away…how can we help that way? More info here.

“I will never understand cruelty to dogs. Their loyalty and innocence demands love and kindness. Yet in the Philippines, they are so often repaid with the most terrifying death imaginable. Can you imagine being stolen from your home, bound up painfully, thrown into a cage stuffed full of frightened dogs, and left without food or water until the day that you are violently killed? This is the reality of the Philippine dog meat trade. It is happening today.” –

how can anyone look away…amazing not to care and not to educate and not to help change these tragedies. boggles the mind that anyone can ignore and not extend a helping hand and an understanding heart.

and then there is pippa’s story.

i truly hope that these folks keep working with this poor little soul…and do not expect somebody from somewhere or other to pay huge sums for what should be simple human decency in healing this little living being. this world is unpredictable…let us hope for the best…what a patient little one.

can you imagine what such injuries would mean to a human? …well, this is no different. LIFE matters…all life…and gracious, nurturing hearts need to emerge. thanks to those who qualify as the good ones! you care.


what neat feedback! thank you!!

Shannon Wright: “Another great one! Susie has a way of inspiring and if one isn’t inspired by this piece then maybe one really doesn’t have a soul….I appreciate every word you say to get people off their bums! ♥”

Sharon Wardle: “#Inspiring #Heartfelt. X”

Elizabeth Lean: “OMG, Roy, that skinny dog looked beyond help but the second photo was so heart-warming xx”

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “Very real. Very true. I see a lot of this in rescue. You cannot look away.”

Victoria Cowdell: “We are their voice!”

Laurice Adams Bray: “This brought tears to my eyes, Roy. How poignantly your Mother writes – she reached right in and pulled out my deepest feelings. Thank you for sharing this!”

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