“Till the world’s deaf ear be made to hear” – just reach out and help our animal friends

hey, learn to “sign and share” and adopt and foster and neuter and spay and brush and comb and cuddle and inoculate and feed and take walks and play pitch and catch and eat vegetables and advocate and stand up to bullies who are unkind not only to human beings but also to every species on the planet.

the peaceable kingdom is so close…just reach out and help others and yell at the meanies whichever action is called for!

ALSO, thank you for this honesty — please watch and listen…maybe we can stop all of the artificial insemination of sweet docile mamas and the slaughtering of calves and premature slaying of poor dairy cows…and the blood money irresponsibly flowing to the humans who keep this horror in play…for $$$$$$$$$$$$ for themselves. (listen for Monsanto’s role…wow?)

Christophe Patrick Horner: There is more than enough food in the world to feed the entire human population. So why are more than a billion people still going hungry? Our meat-based diet is largely to blame. We funnel huge amounts of grain, soybeans, and corn through all the animals we use for food instead of feeding starving humans. If we stopped intensively breeding farmed animals and grew crops to feed humans instead, we could easily feed everyone on the planet with healthy and affordable vegan food.

the solution to all of the problems in this world…stop exportation of grains and wheat…to feed our artificially inseminated herds and herds and herds…no ebola anywhere if such were the case. children would not be starving. and eating bat and monkey meat. we are all paying the price for the greed of a few humans who make a big deal about sending money occasionally to third world nations but are robbing these children blind through corporate-ag greed.

AND…my roots are in this state …and I have tried to reach kin and legislators, etc…they do not care…I am absolutely flabbergasted at that state. they should be so ashamed at their complete (except for those who are working to end this horror) disregard for shelter animals…politics is part of the problem…a very conservative, fundamentalist environment which excludes the perceived “liberal’ idea of caring about animal rights…those poor NC dogs and cats…the manufacturer of the gas chamber units sits in the state legislature…can not even fathom how that situation is possible.

thanks so much…I approve of this announcement!

oh, and show up to vote for those who realize our environment and ALL citizens of this planet (all colors and all species) matter more than anything else in this world…

I am the Voice of the Voiceless
Through me the dumb shall speak
Till the world’s deaf ear be made to hear
The wrongs of the wordless weak.
Oh shame on the mothers of mortals
Who do not stoop to teach
The sorrow that lies in dear dumb eyes
The sorrow that has no speech.
From street, from cage, from kennel
From stable and from zoo
The wall of my tortured kin proclaims the sin
Of the mighty against the frail.
But I am my brother’s keeper
And I shall fight their fight
And speak the word for beast and bird
Till the world shall set things right
– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

GOTTA SHARE — BECAUSE THESE COMPLIMENTS BOOSTED MY MORALE SO VERY MUCH…so pardon me, but we animal (rights) advocates/activists do not often receive accolades — which doesn’t bother us much because we always know that those many other wonderful species on this planet benefit from our bravery in broadcasting the obvious and begging that mercy be extended to them all. We take the punches and are emboldened by them. But WOW is it ever wonderful when a fellow human gives us a shout-out in real time! I LOVE DREX AND SHERYL!

Drex Morton: “Good writing challenges and leaves the conversation with an audience chastened, well informed, inspired, and motivated to work for the betterment of all concerned. That’s why I enjoy Susie Sexton’s work…And BY the way, she’s entertaining, too…”

Sheryl A. Weinstein: “Wow, she is the real deal and clearly a professional writer. She is the BEST! I loved that piece about Jack and Zelda! And, its from just last year! Tell her she has a new fan for her fan club! There is nothing better than really great writing. I value that immensely and SHE has got the gift in spades!”


thanks, Karen and Nancy! Karen Willis: “Right on, my friend!!!!”

Nancy Becker: “Wonderful!! Each action can resound….”

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