animals matter, democrats matter, and kind people matter.

i am used to suffering…i have had a steady diet of it since birth…funny though, i managed to see myself, through all the crap, as a human being…though i cry a lot! because i AM a girl…and girls know how to cry when crying is called for.

what doesn’t finish us off is supposed to make us stronger…i am so strong now that my teeth hurt…thanks for that, world! ha! and my sh*t list is pretty lengthy…i borrowed that idea from my dad…he treated everybody really nicely regardless, but he did have an ever-present sh*t list of those he knew were hypocritical f**ks and meanies!

i adapt and adopt that moccasin saying….about trying to walk around in somebody else’s footwear? problem is I prefer going barefoot? where does that leave me?

at this point, i could go for commune living…because, in a much-needed “THINKING CORRECTLY” commune, we could indeed turn this wobbling world around and achieve PEACE, neighbor!

dear, god! particularly distressed by “governor” rick scott (florida)…arghhh! and the pig castrator joni ernst (iowa)…double arghhhhh. please, god, hear this prayer…let them stumble over their own arrogance every chance they get.

things have got to change by 2016!

animals matter, democrats matter, and kind people matter. we have ALL got to vote in two more years IF there are DEMOCRATS on the ballots. and $$$$$$$$$$$$ thrown at candidates does not buy elections…can that be so hard? god, you ARE a DEMOCRAT, right? and you are just testing us? respectfully submitted…a-men.

(and hopefully some Republicans are real people…that COULD happen? thanks for reading, buddy!)

hoping that the next election brings out the young in droves…the unprogrammed young that is…the “live and let live” type youthful voters. in indiana, we had no choice, the republican tea partiers and pretend-tea-partiers ran mostly unopposed…and the bucks were flowing from out of state camps.

yes, republicans seem to have been advised to hate and devour all animals…animals are democrats evidently…no wonder we love animals!

i am sick of the meanies. they are everywhere…

thanks to wonderful rochelle epstein for the facebook chat that inspired this entry and for her kind and generous spirit and heart.


thanks for this feedback!

Elizabeth Lean: “fantastic and what a lady she is xx”

Jesse Michaels: “Awesome!”

Annie Gagnon: “Love this, even if we are outnumbered, I care more about our animals!!”

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