Where is James Bond when we need him? Indiana’s “religious freedom” measure, “ag days,” and other hypocritical horrors (2015)

INDIANA…UGH! Now 40 representatives (all Republicans) have voted that humans can be fired or not hired because of their religions or lack of…religions??!

House panel approves religious freedom bill

Where is James Bond when we need him? Oh, wait, here he is …

Yay! New movie this holiday season…except I am staying HOME next winter and not exposing myself to germs like the past two heinous seasons of 2014 and 2015. That means no hair appointments, no dental visits, let alone cineplex jaunts for me if I can at all help it. 

Daniel will just have to pay me a personal visit and act out his movie for me! And maybe take care of some pressing issues here in the Hoosier state. Shaken … not stirred. 

Oh, and our ag-industry horror movie-esque lagoons down the road and filled with blood and guts? Boy, do we need a James Bond to end the madness. The world has turned to slop, so Bond do help us all! I am damned serious! 

“Dark ages” in the laughing stock state. Surely, Indiana did not used to be so f-ing stupid! Never noticed until these past few years anyway. Really, no one should move here. We are backward and very nasty-minded. Bond, take me away.

We teach school kids in the spring that there are two kinds of goats? Dairy and meat. Either kind of goat loses. Rape-racks for mama animals who then watch their “kids” get chopped up for eating. Impregnated repeatedly, no doubt like cattle and pigs are? AND EVENTUALLY BECOMING MEAT THEMSELVES.

Children in Indiana are filed through fairground buildings on ag days in beautiful spring weather to “meet their meat”. Heart-breaking and a terrible indoctrination of young minds who could instead achieve a peaceable kingdom and a world filled with kindness. 

Would bill expand ‘canned hunting’ in Indiana?

Ah, well…and so it goes? Mr. Bond, I require your services …

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