And nobody ain’t sayin’ nothin’! How our mistreatment of the environment is killing us all

I was just thinking about the part climate change plays in our lives, and the role the agriculture industry has played in ruining the ecology. 

If I hear about one more person with a mystery affliction in our local area 10 miles from one of the hugest pig “industries” in this nation, I am tapping Obama and even Al Gore on their shoulders and saying look at what this ecologically messed up earth is doing to all of us.

And nobody ain’t sayin’ nothin’! It is really stretching credulity to describe all of these horrid illnesses around here as “sinus conditions.” Truly wondering what is going on?

The medical profession seems to be blowing off these various mystery illnesses with odd diagnoses. Wondering totally what ailment I am fighting this month myself. Time to hold our nation accountable for its greed at the expense of both human and animal lives…sheer horrid greed.

Who in this country is in bed with whom and why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 

(No wonder I have seldom taken a shine to my own generation – what a self-involved bunch and what a problem for America. Arghhh. Sorry, fellow boomers, but you have never impressed me for one second. From day one. Either ahead of or behind my time. But enough is enough.)

Oh, would that I could round up the perpetrators who pretend to be so righteous. They are so screechingly and obviously uncaring. Let’s hope that the sheer volume of their self-glory is beginning to fall upon the DEAF (and no doubt) unhealthy ears of the rest of us. 

They surface for photo-ops and indoctrination: “ag day” this week as in “little kids, MEET YOUR MEAT; lambs are MUTTON; cattle are BEEF; pigs are BACON, SAUSAGE, PORK, HAM.” Apparently, we must fall down in worship of what the farm “industry” has done for all of us. 

Baby calves are fattened up for veal, in their little igloos dotting the wholesome countryside. Their species names evaporate, and they are identified by the cuts of flesh and muscle and organs that we train humans to munch upon. At those springtime ag days designed for childhood indoctrination, we introduce these “market” names to hide the lives we are obliterating. Go, ahead, pet before consuming, little ones.

Well, phooey on that agriganda! All species are in absolute peril by the second. (Need a picture of a lagoon here in farm country with its mystery haze of blood, guts and mixture of body fluids like none other in the history of the universe!) Breathe in, folks, and see if you better have your head examined to believe what toxins we are battling at the dinner table and in the air.

We are all getting sicker by the second…except for the greedies who are laughing all the way to the bank. They are out there, bragging about their terrific good fortunes and how blessed they are. The rest of us are fools not to call them what they are.

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