Right with you, Rumpy! The unyielding, essential heartache of advocacy

Choosing My Battles and Moving On: I am so totally relating to this honest appraisal of how f-ed up animal welfare can become. Bravo to Rumpy for taking this issue on; the species, including homo sapiens, should all be on the same page or the animals lose again…as always.

As far as talking with elected officials, caring about animals does NOT win them votes so they are seldom friends to animals (who also cannot vote). I gave that up after one try. It seems that the rationalizations given by politicians always involve profit-making to the human species when all is said and done.

12 Years for ‘Boyhood’ and 30 Years for Animals

Disillusionment can be a very powerful force…even for me! Rumpy and Jen (authors of the blog entry linked above) are wondrous souls! We all do the best we can under hideous circumstances and stupid remarks…not for the weak-hearted.

For example: stop pig scrambles/pig wrestling in Maine! We need to stop these in Indiana as well. Please sign (at the above link), please start now to protest these sad displays – children learning to abuse animals through such gang-like bullying behavior. 

No rewards should be given for this nor photographs taken; these false “competitions” featuring innocent and defenseless animals purposely frightened for our “entertainment” should become distant memories. They represent total thoughtlessness and an utter lack of humanity. 

11 Reasons To Love Pigs

Let’s stop these horrors before the summer “FUN” commences at the tragic expense of yet another species we consider less important than ourselves. I asked hubby if he would help me advocate for stopping this in Indiana. Says he is shy around the good ole beefy boys?????? I am very disappointed with his reply…very! Pig “wrestling” is so despicable and hateful and totally bizarre.

How can anyone be on board with ganging up? With bullying? And is this where swine flu probably gets percolated every summer, ready to strike through the winter? This is a total horror! Several members of a species (humans?????) terrifying one member of another species. The pigs, soon to be slaughtered, limp off afterward, with twisted spines and maybe with aborted piglets in utero. Does this mean we shouldn’t care?? Correcting the picture of barbarism that this activity validates to our youth is the difference caring could make. 

How James Cromwell Can Save Vermont From an ‘American Horror Story’

It would be just fantastic if others spoke up, if churches spoke up, if literary groups spoke up, if youth clubs spoke up, if schools spoke up, if men’s groups claiming to work with youths spoke up, if there were NO audiences for such a heart-breaking display of unkindness and fear-mongering. No more cash exchanged!

The Dangerous ‘Noble Savage’ Myth

Wishing we could ALL care and work for the welfare and rights of all species as a matter of principle and for what is correct minus the human foibles. Our job: treating each other as best we can within our own human bunch would be a great start. I am quite tired of the constant put-downs myself. Right with you, Rumpy!

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