Try to remember exactly WHO made us this week’s national laughing stock (2015)

I love protesting to restore love and compassion. We ain’t called the “hurryin’ hoosiers” for no reason. Doing damage control for our beloved state that used to be sweet and is gonna return to that kindness, after a few misguided careerist politicos get voted outta office (even some who have been near and dear and are now full of bullsh*t).

SNL Takes on Indiana Anti-Gay Religious Liberty Law


Would bill expand ‘canned hunting’ in Indiana?

ALL SPECIES AND ALL PERSONS DO MATTER AND DO COUNT FOR SOMETHING! What is in our drinking water? In addition to all the lagoons of pig/farm animal parts and blood and guts and poop and urine wafting over all Hoosiers? Too many mean and ambitious country-clubbing/red-neck Republican legislators on their own fast tracks in spite of all the damage they are doing to humans and to other species. We are doomed if we cannot stop the power-hungry clowns now!


Try to remember exactly WHO made us this week’s national laughing stock and generated hashtag “boycott Indiana” posts from people of every persuasion and many of the famous among us…and send those bigoted legislative folks back home to just sit on their porches and reflect for the rest of their natural lives, no matter how they got into office (some through mysterious caucusing — you know who they are).

We have been used by people out for only themselves and their own advancement…they just revealed who they are for all the world to see. 


THE GOOD PEOPLE STOOD UP FOR THE FREEDOMS AND RIGHTS OF ALL OF US THIS PAST WEEKEND in Fort Wayne and Indianapolis and elsewhere. We stood together with like-minded human beings in Allen County on Clinton Street. By the way, SB 101 not at all what Bill Clinton legislated. 

Present were every color, every gender, every age, the curved and the straight, the sexy and the asexual – humans of every variety, from kids to elderly. Marble vestal virgins seated on either side of the following quote (on the side of the Allen County Courthouse): “Justice — the hope of all who suffer, the dread of all who wrong.”

Wonderful Terry Doran noted, “We thought nothing could be worse than Governor Mitch … now we have Governor Mike.” 

(I wanted to use words like lout and thug…but I am touting love…so use your discretion!)

Be on the alert for devious spins from our pretend GOVERNOR who enjoys the support of the ULTRA-WEALTHY CONTROLLING KOCH BROTHERS. Be on the alert for Hoosier neo-cons who are jumping through all of the tea party hoops and dupes. 

If you love INDIANA, HONK…and wow, as we stood with our signs, the honkers were beautiful and too numerous to count! HOOSIERS WHO ARE REAL CARE ABOUT ALL HOOSIERS…don’t draw a pay-check from us tax-payers telling us any different. Be gone, all sneaky petes with your hateful, exclusionary tactics.

Re-learn how to truly care about somebody besides yourselves. YAY FOR INDIANA on this week-end before Easter Sunday. “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”…the only Bible verse needed right this moment! 

“Great things are accomplished by talented people who believe they will accomplish them…” ~ Warren G. Bennis 

(And those talented people are never, well hardly ever, self-serving politicians who would rather take tax-payer money in their pay-checks than work for a living. Case in point? Those clowns hurrying through nasty laws in Indianapolis. They must be stopped…the inmates are running the asylum – use YOUR talents to get them out of office!)

Oh, let us recall most of these legislators down in Indianapolis. We can get started locally IF they come out of hiding. Tired of their hoop-jumping for personal gain. They care neither about people or animals…just themselves.

Let us not forget it, no matter who we may be or what dogmas we may believe. We are all the same…blessings on us all…all of us.

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