oh, do listen to the words…and let’s change this world tomorrow morning. 2014.

first off, happy belated birthday to paul helmke. happy birthday, fellow hoosier…and one of whom we are very proud…class, intelligence, determination and fair-mindedness are qualities we admire and should all aspire to…thanks for your fine example, sir!

oh, how this story (see following link) shreds my soul – “Semi carrying more than 2,000 piglets overturns in Indiana” …

a true horror story here in Indiana and all over the nation daily: the fact that these babies are purposely bred for eventual slaughter…had not this horrific accident taken their lives, their horrendous deaths on down the line is/was destined…

on their way to slaying or some other brand of victimization, crammed into a semi and enduring their frightening journey along highways connecting North Carolina to Iowa (home of the nationally, newly elected lady legislator who brags of her pig castration ability). 

this is terror. this is evil. this is blood money. this all happens daily for human profiteering.

Animal behaviorists increasingly find that nonhuman animals possess complex social lives and share many human emotions, while molecular biologists have discovered stunning commonalities between humans and other animals on the genetic level.

It is becoming increasingly clear that other species are not really so different from us after all — indeed, that Darwin was correct when he proposed that we are all related. More than ever, it appears arbitrary and self-serving to promote the rights and preferences of members of our own species without considering those of other species as well.

– William Crain, author of Emotional Lives of Animals and Children: Insights From a Farm Sanctuary in his letter “Animals Have Rights, Too” to The New York Times

the terror we inflict upon animals rivals nothing else in this world. how this country can be holier than thou when we lead the way on perpetrating horrors beyond human imagination and look the other way every damned day thinking we cannot stop these nightmares from happening…

well, we can…we can stop throwing money at fast food joints and at pirates who breed and victimize animals in any way whatsoever for so-called human LIVElihood “games”! 

start your protests now…at the very least stop eating animals now. you’ll be glad you made that choice. because that choice is kind and is healthful for all involved…them and us. we are all mammals after all.

oh, do listen to the words…and let’s change this world tomorrow morning…pigs are people, too…indeed they are…even better – “That’ll do”

thanks for these comments!

Elizabeth Lean: “Yes, let’s change this world now!”

Coreen Conley: “Wonderfully written!” 

Drex Morton: “Great post..”

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