makes me hope there IS a hell

thank goodness for the kind people who try to make up for the evil ones…

Rescuing Hazel Grace from a Torturous Life


I cannot believe the sheer hatefulness and self-centeredness of bad people, and, also, why children are taught to hunt and to abuse animals is more than I shall ever be able to fathom…

and it is everywhere…

our newspaper actually recruits and features children who have shot deer with crossbow arrows and guns…I am absolutely appalled and have no idea how to object…my attempts are always belittled…and the church news on the next page? wow? thus, I post on facebook instead. more people reached.


makes me hope there IS a hell…for those who provide such misery on earth…who provide HELL on earth…

earth could be heaven…heaven on earth…really getting sick and tired of nasty and of apathetic…and of egotistical and clueless humans. arghhhh.

what a sweet face hazel grace has in spite of it all…wondering why humans cannot withstand the pain that animals seem to take for granted?

humans could learn from animals instead of ignoring their wonderfulness. what a world.

if you would like to help sponsor Hazel Grace’s medical care, please make a donation at


thanks for this feedback!

Dr. Lucie “VeganforLife” Taustine: “There is a special segment of hell reserved for for animal and child abusers. I need to believe that.”

Elizabeth Lean: “thank you, Susie, for being such a great animal lover”

Mary Maday: “I also hope there is a hell for people such as this person(s)…”

Deborah Fields Perez: “Shared!”

Kelley Scott Sandusky: “Gut wrenching …”

Ann Graham: “Did they prosecute them?! Very very sad the abuse that some animals endure is sickening. Please keep posting on her recovery.”

Clive Yvonne Karusseit: “Shared with love xxx”

Angel Wings: “Continued Prayers for Hazel Grace.”

Ceinwyn Jones: “PEOPLE WHO TORTURE ANIMALS ARE BRAINLESS MORONS WHO SHOULD HAVE THE same done to them; let the punishment fit the crime; animals feel pain and bleed the same as humans and have more compassion AND LOVE THAN ANY HUMAN.”

Shyrl Cook: “Amen! while I can’t read the actual story of horrors hazel grace went through because i can’t bear the details, i am so thankful & grateful for her rescue. sending my love to her. animals are the quality beings we should be. so hard to conceive of a beautiful world, precious animals & what we perpetrate as it’s custodians.”

Paul Hoofard: “If animals could only speak.”

Bobbi Lippe Mallace: “Hazel Grace’s story is horrible, but her spirit is stronger. Animals accept pain as a part of life. That is to say, their reaction is not burdened by psychology like ‘what am I expected to do?’ They don’t lie there and feel sorry for themselves like many humans. Also, there is just enough of the wild in them that they must cover up anything that might show vulnerability to others. They don’t want to become prey. Humans, on the other hand, know there is something to help them, so pain comes along with many psychological factors. Perhaps, expectation of relief, and/or sympathy. Of course, this is a generalization, not specific to any one case.”

Jennifer Heinrich: “What a sad story for that poor innocent pet, I hope she recovers. Thank you for being an advocate for animals.”

thanks so much, Jennifer…I need no thanks…since I became a voice for animals, my life has become enriched beyond measure. I highly recommend going to the mat for all living species. you are a doll!

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