even a BUCKET of popcorn unfortunately did not help relieve the depressing fact … my reaction to the hunger games phenomenon

in response to my son roy sexton’s review of the latest hunger games movie and inspired by this great exchange he had with wonderful arlene steinberg …

thanks to roy for intellectualizing this utterly useless series of absolute sh*t! what has happened to great literary achievements and their often successful cinematic treatments? 

this is THE dumbest franchise methinks…maybe you can convince me that big ole gals with crossbows is about as wholesome as Barbie doll sexpot influences on young females. NOT…too sarah palinesque for teens for this viewer who will never read the books which are probably so much more intellectual and informative! NOT!

I really DID witness the golden age…nobody can convince me otherwise…a tremendous and gracious review, roy, of absolute irresponsible slop. the creators should thank you for making some sense out of their smug indulgences in the ridiculous and the damaging? 

conspiracy from Barbie doll hunters in high fashion hiking boots? or the NRA who created the market for hunting “gear”? that runs the gamut from showboating fashion junkies to moguls counting cash for bullets, guns, crossbows, cutesy camouflage overalls, tree stands, new pick-ups, fur collars and precious boots and photo ops

all to enhance the clueless camera-snapped smiles of way too many murderous morons. 

welcome, to the world going to hell…obviously I will not support this movie soap opera series by buying a ticket. nor any publication nor tv channel that indulges in giving the time of the day to any of these empty-headed nuts. 


screw this movie and all the hunting channels and whatever political party (guess which one?) stumbles all over themselves to extol hunting and agriculture.

okay, i’ll lighten up…especially if I do not HAVE to see this thing. the first one was so hollow yet disturbing in its implications. and i stumbled into it by accident. and even a BUCKET of popcorn unfortunately did not help relieve the depressing fact that the theater was so full to the brim that we were forced to sit in lawn chairs? oh, America, where HAS you gone to, buster?

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