my amender is all worn out

I can’t make amends…my amender is all worn out…and I never get amends back from anybody i try to make them with…if you get my drift? but I heartily agree with the nobility of the suggestion, beth! (by the way, beth replied: “got it, susie. no amending fences” – punny!)

please check out ASPCA | ASPCA’s Fundraiser on CrowdRise

wow, does everybody in the world worship money????? …I have like 900 requests today…..and I wonder where the funds collected really truly go? but THIS matters…everybody in this world making money off exploitation and victimization of animals already, so a group like the aspca who doesn’t KILL animals deserves our support! 

humans, stop making money off animals and start giving money toward their protection and welfare…we shall all benefit from that kind of generosity. yep! I trust the aspca…and that is saying something! NOKILL EVER! and no spins justifying slaughter ever.


happens here all of the time…every time a person eats a steak we are buying into this very thing. and children are given “field trips” opportunities to meet their MEAT. and kids are taught to use guns…for hunting? hunting is just plain wrong. always. the word is despicable.

listen to the swagger in the adult’s voice. apologists for hunting are the same as this misguided moronic “dad”…and pig wrestling at local fairs? really? and auctioning off farm animals for slaughter? really? 

this little wolf is just one of many living beings every second victimized by human ignorance and mean-ness. it is all exactly the same. and watch those same types “act” like none of this horror matters. 

look around. everywhere and every second. human lives move on…eating, sleeping, shopping, bragging, church going, counting cash, patting themselves on the back. not really giving a damn…not really.

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “Love the ‘my amender is all worn out’! Mine too, Susie, mine too.”

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