Flexibility of an open mind: Finding stuff!

A tease/announcement: looking diligently for something for three full days…found it…and am now at peace for a short time.

As near as I ever get to being Sherlock Holmes, I finally figure out where something got lost and re-locate the misplaced thingie! Via my secret formula! Works every time that secret formula does!

What is that secret formula, you may ask?

The cliché of THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX works here. Try to retrace your steps, yes, BUT be flexible in how you view what it is you believe you have lost?

Way too often the mind “sets” deter the imaginations gone wild and the impending discovery (such as was in this case an important document).

Was it an 8 by 10 size or otherwise? Was it folded three ways or otherwise? Was it paper-clipped together? Or stapled or multi pages or just one?

Too often, one’s mind remembers the lost object incorrectly and when poring over a box’s contents or a drawer’s contents or the haphazard arrangements of papers all over the floor? Well, 11 times outta ten the frantic searcher bypasses the lost object.

Yes, I have tried to discover lost objects so often that I have now lost my sanity, but I have also found lots of stuff! Go figure?

The retrieval lay somewhere in FLEXIBILITY OF AN OPEN MIND, I have found!

(WARNING: Now be advised that others in the household frequently refuse to accept and abide by this tip; that makes for some fireworks, but it always works. Prevail. Do not back down in the face of those inevitably challenging family members who do not wish to bother to get on board with this foolproof method!)


On another note …

Hey, politicians, instead of creating ever more novel ways that YOU can turn a profit for yourselves one way or another (and raise our taxes for all manner of fluff projects), take a look at this “counter” and make yourselves useful and stop the war on other species!

More Than 150 Billion Animals Slaughtered Every Year

No need to vote for any of you on any level until you give a damn about the number one issue (rather than yourselves and your promoters): climate change and mass slaughter. Get your heads out of your butts. Stop preening and do something that counts for all living beings!

Thanks for this feedback!

Dee Turner: “The older I get, the more I seem to forget where I have put things. If all else fails I invoke the help of Saint Anthony to please come around… naming whatever is lost that has to be found! Then name it and keep searching with a positive expectation. Don’t forget to say THANKS for his help when it finally shows it, as it inevitably does!”

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