Time to say “NO MORE” mean and stupid behavior: Otter hunting ok’d in Indiana. 2015.

Oh, Calgon…or SOMETHING…take me away! From this ingrown state!!! (I need to go live in my son’s basement.)

Indiana tentatively OKs limited river otter trapping season

So we are on board yet again to slaughter (squirrels and) river otters for their…PELTS????

The weirdest most illogical statement ever…”Many other states that have reintroduced otters have implemented trapping seasons for river otters and they’ve still seen their otter populations thrive and increase.” ~ a DNR nut!!! So Hoosiers will KILL otters BECAUSE they have increased and after the slaughter for FUR pelts, they will “thrive and increase”?????? HUH?

DNR imported the frolicking harmless, clownish, adorable otters in 1993–on purpose. Now, the otters are eating tooo many FEESH???? If we allow the river otters WHICH WE IMPORTED to be murdered by idiotic rednecks (fun and games), they (the river otters) will be healthier and MULTIPLY??? WTF?

HOPEFULLY THE REDNECKS STOP MULTIPLYING! As if they would even know what that term means? Probably think it’s a damned math term?

I am getting so old and soooo disgusted by this Hoosier crap that I am about dead now! I am willing to protest like hell though, against this and against pig wrestling…and any other mindless cruelty that we are surrounded by.

And there is a crap-load of nastiness going on all of the time. Time to say “NO MORE” mean and stupid behavior to whoever does this OR promotes it!

Arghhhh and double arghhhh! PRAISE THE LORD AND PASS THE AMMUNITION!


Thanks to these kind hearts for their empathy!

Reynard Red Fox: “Goodness me ..that’s insane!”

June Wilson: “Crazy!!! Absolutely insane!”

Don Sexton: “I love it! Wonderful writing – with perfect pictures.”

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “I never realized how backward and unevolved Indiana is. But Michigan is not much better…kill, kill, kill. Is Susie the only one who cares in her home state? Where is the outrage? Where are the rights of those who enjoy wildlife ALIVE?”

Melanie Varner: “Sooo, what do we do? Because we have to do something.”

Join this group: California-based River Otter Ecology Project with Megan Isdaore. There ARE good people in the world…on Facebook. ACTVISTS who get things done. Check them out! Yay!

Judy Kramer: “I don’t even know what to say. In Michigan, we let kids at six shoot deer and put them in the paper with their so-called trophy!!! Now I know why I have so many more squirrels to feed – they are coming here to get away from Indiana and that’s just fine!! Susie, you and I are kindred spirits. My ‘Up North’ local paper shows these ‘trophy pics,’ and this chick has a column in the Sunday Free Press with the same sh*t. If I wasn’t such a news hound, I’d cancel it!!!”

I love Judy forever!!!!!! We, too, get to see trophy pix of youthful hunters who have pulled the animal’s tongue out and to the side, and the kids have their tongues out as well? Not to be believed.

The rampant racism in these various publications is one thing; the sensationalism is another; and the gun advocacy and utter disregard for other species is yet another. Sports, sports, sports and smug Bible-thumping and sheer hatefulenss — those are the stories.

Save me from the so-called SPORTS world of ignoramuses…and their photo ops of debauchery! And pig wrestling ‘shots’ for summer fun are the most eerie and kinky photos in the world. (I wanna go after the clucks who promote pig wrestling, too, before they ever hold those “contests” again…even one more time! Youth ganging up on another species, several of them against one frightened being!) Time to speak up…time to be kind. So tired of the bullying crap!

Oh, wait…obits. We still have obits in our papers, obits that poor grieving souls have to pay for now besides horrendous funeral expenses.

Media in its traditional sense has become useless and manipulative, beholden to corporate America and special interests. Very sad situation for all of us!

(And don’t forget the politicians. They have already started coming outta the woodwork with DECLARATIONS OF ELECTABILITY. Here we go again. Vainglorious claptrap, special agendas, manipulations and gang warfare. my stomach hurts already, and just think of all the expensive signs dotting the landscape. What’s it all about? Same old same old! It’s all so local and so clique-ish, no matter what level of government. It is all high school. High school never ends; good luck to communities, good luck to states, good luck to America…HIGH SCHOOL ALL OVER AGAIN!)

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