It is just amazing to observe and very frustrating.

Query: Who can explain small towns to me?

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “They are places where everyone knows everyone and what you’re doing, even when it is supposed to be a secret. LOL. How is that for an explanation?”

Laura Reed: “Inbox me with what you would like to know … Do you live in the same town that I do? LOL”

Beth Kennedy: “A mini-society, like a classroom, where everyone is connected for good or for bad.”

Drex Morton: “I went to High School in small town Shepherdstown, West Virginia. It was a memorable time!”

Sharon Ball Myers: “I have heard they differ in many ways…ours, the one we both know & love, is one in which news of a sneeze travels within hours! But a friend from Churubusco says it is entirely different there & likes the anonymity enjoyed by residents much more. Though friendly & nice, they don’t need to know what you ate for breakfast! LOL. Just an observation….”

I love those responses! What I know I actually would not at all mind broadcasting. I’ve been in the same small town nearly my entire life since birth and what I have gathered from observing is plenty, yet I still am constantly surprised by the goings on, even though nothing has ever changed.

Some people seem to matter because they see to it that they are considered important yet invisible. Others are supposedly inconsequential. I’m tired of watching that odd phenomenon perpetuating itself daily; I’m tired of nutsoid gossiping; I’m weary of the lack of caring but plenty of remarks about “praying”…ha!

You know, come to think of it, those movers and shakers who manipulate the puppet/marionette strings are masters of the disappearing act. Indeed, they are invisible to the locals they manipulate as the self-considered VIPS trot around the globe and visit sunny spots and live way out where you cannot view their big-ass houses. BUT they do emerge in photo ops from time to time! Lucky us to catch a glimpse now and then.

Fickleness drives me up a wall. I appreciate the folks who way too often go unnoticed and who are just plain nice for no ulterior motives….just nice! And there are many of those!


Query: How’s come females who are just a tad older are not credited with having great ideas or maybe even some intellectual ability? Why can’t all age groups be equal, I wonder, and appreciated without bias?

Beth Kennedy: “Great question, Susie!”

Denise Santoro: “Because society is obsessed with youth and beauty. Once someone is past their ‘age’ requirement, they get swept to the side. We have experience and have more to offer than a face and a body, but no one considers that. The more the media exploits younger women, airbrushing photos, plastic surgery and perfection, the more it will happen. Sadly, the more of an impact it will have on teen girls. I fear once the older generation like mine is gone, we’re in trouble. People don’t have the morals and ideals I was brought up with. We read books; we’re taught to respect our teachers and mentors…therefore, older women have more to contribute. If I were Kim Kardashian, the butt implants would embarrass me. They think shaving off Barbie’s boobs will change the way society looks at women. They need to start with the media. You could put the most intelligent older woman on a panel and a silicone bimbo next to her who just nods her head. People would ask the bimbo the questions. Thanks to social media we have discussions like this, blogs, things like that, and they’re changing things a little bit; however, women over the age of 20 are disappearing more and more each day beneath a pile of glitter.”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Some people might think it is time for older woman to be put out to pasture. Not me, but others think that. LOL. We have brains and we know how to use them. We were taught to respect our elders and do our homework and do our chores but this current generation isn’t taught any of that … so what happens after we are gone? It will be really sad – that is what.”

Perfect! It seems like every age group has its detractors, but ZOUNDS this aging female crap is the pits. Misogyny is rampant in America whether admitted by anybody or not!

Women cooperate with objectifying themselves…cleavage drives me nuts! Not jealous, just embarrassed.

Whoever in this world imparted to females to adjust themselves at every turn and follow trends and actually change body parts under the knife or via laser surgery? This country is as clueless as any others that we typically demean for under-rating females and their/our very possible important contributions to society via brain power. It is just amazing to observe and very frustrating.

People have become fluffy and flaky and fickle (alliteration lives). I cannot believe that even the art of conversation is dead, totally dead, but what great responses. I am hopeful now!

Thanks for this feedback!

Paul Clifford Schrade: “Susie is quite a woman and a celebrity in her own right! Kudos to that talented and humane lady!”

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