Where is Erin Brockovich when we need her?

Having been overloaded with grief and sadness as to lack of humane treatment provided for — and victimization of — other species as well as startled at a barrage of cruel and hurtful words aimed at innocents, I remembered my friendship with ELIZABETH LEAN and her work to nurture animals at death’s door and to heal them and to find them homes!

And another friend named KIM ELIZABETH JOHNSON is an angel who never stops advocating for other species…must be something about that name Elizabeth, the prettiest name ever! Treasured friends who stand up for animals and protect and defend them — I admire and love them both.

(Among many others too numerous to mention, but you know who you are…FACEBOOK CAN BE WONDERFUL!)

Thank heavens for souls like this, and where is Erin Brockovich when we need her? Speciesism, the movie, discusses all of the cancers proliferating in North Carolina due to lagoons of animal parts ground up and feces and urine and blood wafting across the fields and into human beings suffering and dying.

Furthermore, Indiana, where I live, is now the fifth largest pork producer in the nation if not higher on the list. The Humane Society of the United States local director told me that. I bet we are higher up on the list, and Indiana Governor Mike Pence plans to live in Washington one of these days – so who cares if we peasants die?!

A few locals making cash hand over fist. Do they care about any species at all besides themselves? I could list just who they are…

This guy is just up the road from us. Discuss amongst yourselves…

Don calls this operation in Albion a factory farm; they went before our high school with a program last year, and I have read scathing articles about the place. Pig parts the most closely aligned with humans, thus the pancreases taken from piglets and exported to China…and the masks needed when visiting? Folks think we won’t notice here in Whitley County what Albion is doing? The Chinese businessmen who visit the local “industry” do not wish to breed and raise billions of pigs in huge China due to diseases and the feces and blood and urine – notice the masks on the Chinese citizens? But this factory farm is 10 miles away from tiny Whitley County? Why is this not a huge issue…just huge?

Of course, this is abuse of pigs to the highest degree though the party line is that visitors must wear masks on field trips (how? the place is hidden) so that people do not give diseases to pigs. The country club set is alive and well and living in Northeast Indiana – now, who woulda thunk it? And some of the billionaires call the shots at our 4-H fair BTW; a combine featured there at our fair THIS summer cost half a million dollars. Some residents can afford that; just look around next time you are out driving. Indiana is being sold off…Mitch Daniels, now president of Purdue, even visits Hamroc…saw a photo of him on a front porch with ______ (censored).

(And many 10 year 4-H members are from other towns, such as North Manchester? Really read their publicity in the paper this year since they inundate us with it? So what is with their “local” fixation as far as criticism of their practices, yet you can be “non-local” if you play the game?)

How many times do I need to write the stuff before somebody somewhere finally reads it and helps to stop this horror of animal victimization? Waiting for China to either steal our ideas and drop America like a hot potato and the local profiteers go belly up with all of their vacations and new houses and cars and bragging rights…or that China itself goes bankrupt.

Indeed, when we eat pigs we are eating ourselves. We are more closely related to pigs and their physical structure and DNA than any other species…

Saw this meme yesterday on Facebook: “Bac-con: [bake-con] verb, The false belief that announcing ‘bacon’ – (typed or spoken) is a credible response in any discussion with vegans. Whilst bacon is normally from the rump – the announcer is usually the asshole.”

There are so many locals who shout this bacon word out like an obscenity. Sick unto death of all of them…mostly women, too!!! And hideous little posts of piglets as bacon seeds on farm gals’ pages.

I sit and watch the people at restaurants and it is no wonder they are bigoted against pigs – wish we could rename pigs and assign that name to homo sapiens. Pigs are NOT supposed to be fattened up to the point that when in sanctuaries they can no longer walk. Shame on the human race!

This should be our next assignment, right up there and even worse than pig wrestling…

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