…scarier than you, the Donald. 2015

EDITOR’S NOTE: See previous editor’s note.

TRUMP? What are we gonna do with you? I love how you are enervating the other 16 crazies…but your record of misogyny and pride that your grown kids enjoy African safaris HAS GOT ME BUFFALOED. AND PUTIN is a jerk…and you think you can BOND with him, man to man?

So clear up those three areas and I shall rest easy when you oppose Hillary or Bernie or Hillary and Bernie…I want a real person in charge and not an automaton-neo-con. That crowd is both hilariously ludicrous and simultaneously scary…scarier than you, the Donald!

Hmmmm. So either YOU or Hillary/Bernie. Maybe America can make it. At least we could count on the three of you. Nobody else has risen to the occasion.

No arguments please. I listen to these people constantly, and I know what I am talking about.

The Donald and Hillary and I are all the same age…so there! Just venting here…and blessings on Cecil the Lion King and to hell with all hunters everywhere!


SARAH PALIN IS THE DEVIL INCARNATE..AND ANYBODY WHO DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THAT SHE IS A MENTALLY DEFICIENT, INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED FLUFFHEAD AND PHONY IS CERTIFIABLY INSANE. If I find out that the Donald likes that space cadet who has caused males to trophy hunt…males such as doll-baby dentists and Barbie dolls in hunting costumes…because she pretends to hunt because it is politically correct for Republicans to kill animals or pretend they do? I shall drop the Donald like a hot potato.

Sarah is not as intelligent as your scarred and scuffed up very used Barbie doll at the bottom of your over-stuffed retro-closet.

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