A lion has landed? 2015.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Susie wrote this in August 2015. She always called her self “NostraSUSIE” for the predictive qualities of her brain. Susie’s thoughts on him would … evolve through the course of his presidency. But this post is definitely a time capsule (as are many shared recently on this site).

Almost forgot my latest bulletin. My suggestion is: the Donald and the Hillary preside together…co-presidents! Mark my words, that combo should work! For a number of reasons. Tired of all the effing around. They’ve got what it takes. Hot damn! And maybe no other elected officials at all anywhere?

Perhaps a very inventively stacked cabinet could be fun! Directness of purpose and instructive words never hurt anyone, but an animal enthusiast is needed. Perhaps the 4th branch of government: executive(s) (Hillary and Donald), legislative (nobody), judicial (even more liberal judges in those idiotic black robes), and…the IMPERATIVE, that would be the animal KINGDOM (to be called ALL SPECIES MATTER – AND BTW WE ARE ALL ANIMALS!) so throw away the guns!

Hillary plays the stock market via beef commodities, and the Donald with those trophy hunting sons of his … argh!

(Speaking of people who take needless trips for dubious reasons, I do not dig any of the yuppies or millennials or generation x or whatever demographic of spoiled brats and their absolute self-proclaimed entitlement for constantly “deserved” travels and vacations. Obscene.)

Maybe the Donald will put a spin/politically correct twist to his currently murky stance where animals are concerned…and suddenly love them all. I HOPE SO! Oh, do I ever? The Republican monsters will not know what to do with themselves if true conservation is the order of the day. No more deer hunts and moose soup and hiking boots and tree stands! Hoo-ray!

And, dammit, we were just in Michigan a few days too soon to see him speak. In reality, I never liked him…..but now I do. Go figure. Maybe a baby boomer thing? I can relate?

I am thinking my definition of “good journalist” and “bully” does not jibe with Fox News or with the nutsoid world of journalism these days. Who ARE the bullies these days? Really? Not at all sure Megyn Kelly should have not instead associated herself with Ice Capades or Copacabana? If that?

And the other 16 candidates are the “bullies” but wrapped in sheep’s clothing. (That Irishman O’Rubio reminds me of Robert Morse’s turn in HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING…that cute little nose and all?) We shall see where this all lands. Wacky to watch…

Politics? So sucky, and so very many candidates are such total drips masquerading as evangelical doll babies; therefore, Trump can totally happen…and so be it. Move over, charlatans…and turn off the phony posturing. A lion has landed.

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