Thanks to those who never wavered for a second and never will — how impressive you are.

This pig wrestling escapade was truly the oddest experience of my lifetime. I shall never be the same, and I do not even know what to think. Totally exhausted beyond measure.

Grateful for those who came through for another species and gladly overwhelmed by the unqualified support from so many.

Disillusioned with the status quo…speechless in the face of stubborn cruelty which seems never to dissipate. My heart is overwhelmed with good thoughts and dismal thoughts.

Thanks to those who never wavered for a second and never will — how impressive you are.

I am saddened that I am considering stopping cold. Mountains of doubt as to the future of species other than our own, as well as our very own, cannot be moved.

A strange blend of happy and sad. I want to cry, but I cannot. I am totally stunned. Thanks, as usual, to Roy who is so very busy and persistently kind and who did move mountains to change thinking on this very important issue. He is an amazing human being!

I will forget many folks here but just offering few additional mentions:

Marian Patience Harvey for her sage advice and her unyieldingly kind heart;

Deborah Snyder who arranged some marvelous media coverage (see links below to stories from all major local networks);

Jaclyn Croussore who singlehandedly led the development and updating of an internationally recognized petition that garnered over 23,000 signatures (for any other community that would be something celebrated, not dismissed);

Liz and Mike Schatzlein for offering generously to underwrite alternative events but who were turned away early in the process;

Don Sexton for following requested protocol and speaking to the fair board, even though he never received any follow up or acknowledgment;

Joel Kerr and the Indiana Animal Alliance and Esther’s Army and Animal Place and Black Pine Animal Sanctuary and PETA for spreading the word;

the thousands of people around this planet who expressed their horror over this activity;

and the many, many, many folks in counties around Indiana who developed their own petitions and fought their own fights to educate and enlighten.

Whew, could have used the Donald (maybe?) by my side when I did yesterday’s interviews…two of which were civil…one was bananas. Two outta three ain’t bad. I do not wish this stuff on anyone, but the pigs needed me and I succumbed to pig pressure, all sweaty and breathless to be a voice for the voiceless…at least one more time…until my heart attack!

But I did feel quite a lot like Mel Gibson in the final reel of BRAVEHEART – so while the pigs got ganged up on, I stood a bit crippled on the 4-H hill (which I have known nearly all of my life) pleading their case and the cause of really terrific advocates from this very area and around the globe! Sounds fair to me! I had the easier row to hoe!

There was no point person for all this – there was no leader. They all were leaders. It was a fluid confederation of folks who care and who want a better world. That’s inspiring.

Media coverage :





And MOST important of all, watch this video, taken at last week’s pig wrestling event in Corydon, Indiana, for the heartbreaking evidence of why we all pursued this like we did …

Thanks for these comments!

Mary Lou Cassotto: “Unfortunately most of people’s thoughts and beliefs came from way back…and they have hardened their hearts…but still important to keep trying to swim upstream…What life is all about…”

Judy Kramer: “Susie – you bring tears to my eyes. There are times when I say something and not all that bad and I get the stare or the look or the eyes roll. I just sit or stand there and let it go! I know I am not alone, even if they don’t get it. We DO. You restore my faith that there are those who care, and, yes, we are NOT neurotic. In the world I, personally, am in, I hold back most of the time and just do what I think is right. Yes, I pick up ants, bugs, etc. and set them outside (yesterday it was some sort of flying bug that got in house and Bob and I managed to get it to fly out the window). I will never change when it comes to helping our ‘little’ friends.”

Kim Elizabeth Johnson: “You are a brave warrior, Susie Sexton!! Thanks for all you did in fighting this battle. I look forward to watching your interviews. I say we up the ante if this gets scheduled for next year and plan a huge protest at the event.”

Monica Reynolds: “THANK YOU!!! For standing up and being a voice that these poor pigs so badly need! This is a very tough road for us to travel; we see the pain and suffering and so many people turn away and we cannot believe that they could do this…but they do! Therefore this shameful behaviour must make us grow stronger; just yesterday someone whom I had considered a friend posted a comment referring to ‘vicious vegans.’ I know it was directed at me; I don’t consider myself VICIOUS!!! BUT I am BOLD, BLUNT and if something needs to be said I WILL SAY IT – but, you know, it , as much as you try to shrug it off, so for all of the time and effort that you have put in for these precious pigs I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. We stand together; we may never ever meet each other in person, but the love that we all feel moves between us via this keyboard; we are making a difference; it is slow; but it is happening. I am so proud of every person that makes a stand against insane violent cruelty! Bless you all XXXX”

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