So is the local running of the bulls still on? (from 2015)

So is the local running of the bulls still on?

Whitley County – PLEASE CANCEL all future pig wrestling events.

Disgusted that no city fathers or mothers have stepped up to condemn pig wrestling. Had just one done that, we would not be hosting such an atrocity.

Again…for is it four years in a row now? With not a peep from somebody? Publicly. Somebody that the citizens listen to.

We cannot stand the thought of watching such a horrible event. Hard enough to view via videos…but we need to do something. Don spoke to the board in March. I have written letters in past years…even filmed a piece last week-end. Contacted city attorney and the police chief; council met without inviting Don and pooh poohed any concern. Commissioners walked away from any comment. Ordinance against tormenting of animals within city limits ignored.

We put up with all of the noise of demolition derbies and loud speakers and horse flies year after year. Time to speak up. Wishing veterinarians would say something…wishing pastors would say something…unbelievable.

23,000 signatures on a wonderful petition started by a local lady…but has the newspaper reported that? No! They harp on local involvement so they can sell papers.

The entire world has shrunk now due to the internet. We all have a right to be concerned about animal welfare and the toxic food we are eating whether via animal carcasses and rotting flesh or grown from seeds laced with insecticide. We are the consumers.

Oh, and animals are not our property nor should they be. The police chief says via newspaper he will be there like a duck on a june bug for protest situations? But not for outlawing the event? I sense that politics is at work yet again and the animals always suffer the effects of good ole-boy back-slapping. Sick of it all.

And a former citizen offered to underwrite the pig wrestling “contest” if they would cancel it? She was ignored twice!!!!!!! Offered about two months ago…plenty of time to change course. Unreal.

Amazing…this would have been symbolic of kindness and bravery and courage and doing what is correct.

Monday is still 3 days away. Whitley County could be a leader for change…for positive change…not infamous for ostriches hiding heads in the sand.

Three more days to stop what was brought to the attention of the “fair” board in March. Plenty of time to change course then.

And this can still happen. MAYBE MOTHER NATURE will rain on the parade so to speak. We can only hope that happens…those of us with hearts that is.


Very proud to see evidence second by second that both Hoosiers and the rest of the world are opposed to such an unnecessary event, which features bullying of and ganging up on innocents and the dismaying fact that young people are encouraged to participate. We hold out hope that this can still be cancelled and that these kinds of activities dwindle away.

Peace … nearly 23,000 signatures and thoughtful, caring comments restore hope in the hearts of human beings who demand change and who look forward to appreciation for other species growing exponentially. Odd, that it takes courage to be kind. Thank goodness for those who demonstrate so willingly such bravery to speak out and to show up when needed in real time. Thank you…

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