Soldier on, folks! Soldier on! #Indiana’s “Canned Hunting” Bill. 2016.

From Marian Patience Harvey: “FENCED HUNTING PASSED INDIANA SENATE (Senate Bill 109). Please call Governor Pence at 317-232-4567, and ask him to VETO this Bill! Includes Deer, Sheep and Goats. Ask for an ENFORCED BAN!!! Just heard that it passed Senate on NPR…..please call…..once these facilities are legalized, Deer become livestock…and Big Ag wins again.”

While too many people — for profit or “gamesmanship” — murder animals, many of us work everyday to save lives. Thanks for being a respecter of life for all sentient beings.

We shall overcome someday, by speaking up and by becoming actively involved in working with animals and with the good people who care and with the humans who really need some instruction in the sanctity of all life!

Soldier on, folks! Soldier on!

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