I do cross party lines. We all should. That’s very American. 2016.

I would love to be a political COMMENTARIAN – a new word …. but I do not have the good fortune nor the luxury to abide in a region where my services are needed as I well know by now! LOL…

Any truthful viewer…and I am one…must admit that Wednesday evening (January 27) television should not have been missed!

Rachel Maddow, intelligent saint, visited Flint and discussed the unnecessary sadness and horror staring its citizens in the face; Michael Moore spoke with Lawrence O’Donnell on MSNBC: infrastructure concerns, climate change ramifications, economic disparities, passing the buck, self-aggrandizing vacuous politicians, absent governors and presidents all so painfully … obvious.

Good people up against it, faces etched with resigned desperation and weariness and disillusionment …

And Donald Trump choosing to leave the ridiculous debate sessions in the lurch. Wishing he would raise funds tonight (Thursday, January 28) for the Flint community and for all of those communities which sorely need his construction expertise across our nation, as two veteran groups are shunning his offers of donations to their cause. They seem to be “John Kerrying” (a sad verb from another nutty election) the Donald. The candidate would redeem himself and then some.

And Hillary, the only qualified debater, when one views these debacles, is so marvelous and is suffering such undignified and undeserved and outrageous misogyny.

Grow up, America … let’s all make America great again by appreciating those who truly seem to be offering their talents to us at this very moment. That group includes Flint’s citizens and mayor and pediatrician, Mr. Moore, Ms. Maddow, Hillary Clinton and that inventive renegade rogue Mr. Trump.

I do cross party lines. We all should. That’s very American.

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