Please don’t criticize someone’s eyebrows.

I just answered this college alumni questionnaire. I hope they appreciate my joie de vivre!

my passion? the welfare of animals of all persuasions, from ants to elephants!

scary experience? childbirth…but my son is a gift to the world…the best individual on the planet! ask me about his accomplishments!

job market? have tried my best to avoid such a place…unless fruits and vegetables and shoes are sold there…my kind of market!

biggest fear? that hillary will NOT be elected to the presidency which she so deserves…and that humans will never wise up to the wonders of all sentient beings of every species.

most valuable college experience? learning to love literature…and escaping my sorority by heading to the theatre department!

doing college over? no thanks…once was enough…just right…but three years would have been better than four…wanted to go back home after three years!

lessons from the honors college …that dr. strother was the perfect mentor and adviser for my thesis featuring HENRIK IBSEN! loved him! (dean lawhead criticized my eyebrows…so I never warmed up to him?)

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