Easy to spot who is tooting phony horns

Read this provocative/thoughtful post from Rumpydog – “My history is steeped in racism, and I didn’t even know it” – click here

Excerpt: “And I live in a region with lots of whites who are worried that their heritage is being trampled on. I’m trying to figure out what that’s supposed to mean. How can someone want an ancestor honored as a war hero for fighting against the US, while at the same time wanting to blow up every country in the Middle East because a few people from that region attacked the US? It just doesn’t make sense.”

I can totally empathize, but, now living in Indiana, I detect as much if not even more racism in the Hoosier state. Lots of prejudices here – and among the churchiest of us – and often in newspaper editorial cartoons. Very often!

And as for our politicians?

I cannot vote for certain ones….sorry, Koch brothers! Stay away from Indiana politics, and place your money/bribes with somebody in some other state. Money should not buy votes in any state…voters, beware!

Candidates, stop asking for donations. You’ll get more votes that way! It is a new world. Voters, vote for those who do not spend money.

Easy to spot who is tooting phony horns and over spending on themselves. The Supreme Court is not as smart as the American voter.

Try to notice who is already spending outrageous $$$$$$$ on premature articles, advertising, trips and is beholden to special interests (the over-eager candidate’s palms outstretched for more from big spenders not even affiliated with your state). Those types (with palms up) once were referred to as prostitutes and are presently only “religious” about themselves and climbing the ladder and showboating. Try not to be duped.

We need real people and not obvious charlatans on the fast track to misguided power.

In summary (!), climate change matters, racism must be squelched, the gun “culture” is out of control, and personal profiteering and catering to the upper 1% is not the AMERICAN way no matter what costume is being worn.

(Oh, and stop viewing the Fox Network and tuning into Rush! PEACE!)

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