The day that I vote for some person who lists as a criterion for public office of any kind that he is a member of the NRA?

Well…just be advised that will never ever happen…

So, hoping others feel the same. How sad that a candidate believes such a membership is a qualifying reason to be chosen by the masses to participate in “serving” our country. No doubt, he receives funding from that organization to advertise for them. Deplorable.

These candidates, who think they are pushing all of the right buttons, even kissing their spouses for photo ops and parading a gaggle of progeny in front of cameras, should never be paid by us taxpayers (nor subsidized by special interests) to obtain desks in Washington or statehouses or locally … ever. Not even one accidental term. Hopefully they all get shut out, every last one of them. They are termites…big, old, deplorable termites.

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