This is real…this is evil. This we CAN do something about. (from 2015)

Interesting – PETA has now issued an action alert for the State of Indiana. “Speak Out Against ‘Pig Wrestling’ in Indiana!” –…(click link to let your voice be heard).

Here is the text: “Pigs are highly sensitive animals who—just like our animal companions—are capable of great suffering and deserve respectful treatment. But during the month of July, fairs throughout Indiana intend to feature ‘pig wrestling’ events in which young pigs will be chased, grabbed at, swarmed, tackled, and then roughly crammed into barrel drums amid screaming crowds and with no means of escape or defense. Being subjected to the noise, violence, and chaos inherent in these activities is both terrifying and hazardous for the animals, and severe injuries, including broken limbs and backs, have resulted. Your voice is needed! Please urge fair officials in the counties of Fayette, Harrison, Whitley, and Decatur to cancel the planned ‘pig wrestling’ events, and then forward this alert widely! Feel free to send the sample letter provided; however, your own polite letter will have more impact.”

Can You Face the Reality of Factory Farming? (click to view)

Whoever still does not “get” this holocaust of other species, watch a video, listen to the screams…and stand up for what is right…do it now!

This evidently is what children need to see rather than to be constantly encouraged to join in the holocaust, then pig wrestling and auctioneering and selling animals to be slaughtered would stop. Nothing wholesome about indoctrinating kids to not give a damn and furthermore to profit from torment, torture and death…brutal deaths!

Let us start enlightening the youth NOW…THIS SUMMER…no more time to waste.

Good lord, people…shame on us for not stopping these horrors…NOW! And where are the churches and the pastors who preach mythology to us while in reality every second this is going on? Do not look away; you cannot stop what you pretend not to acknowledge.

This is real…this is evil. This we CAN do something about.

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