Clap your hands

“If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands”

….If you love all living beings, click SHARE! Help out. Put your heart where your mouth is – let’s find shelter animals the homes they deserve.

Now, THAT IS RELIGION! No matter what the religion is named (and there are very many) humans seem to need a reason to live.

What better reason than to help out all of the living, all of the species, every chance we get. No more chit chat about whose religion is the best.

For instance: just click share, stop eating animals, and say HEY to a stranger, have someone over for supper, adopt a shelter animal, encourage kids to do the same in the lifetimes ahead of them. LOVE ONE ANOTHER – so easy and correct and what a wonderful earth we can all enjoy (most all of the time).

Let us not study war any more and let us learn about other cultures. What a terrific assignment!

And maybe walk away from Facebook more often than we do unless we wish to help make the entire world a much better and safer place and work toward that goal collectively?

Oh, and never ever believe the hype around any politician whatsoever, until they give signs they care about all of us instead of themselves and their own personal march to power, control, and money.

Have a great Thursday… and start clicking SHARE if you don’t already…thanks so very much!


Ignatz Ziller (my Facebook pal) and I agree: PRAISE DOG. There comes a time when we have just got to think our own thoughts…and Ignatz and I do that…PRAISE DOG!

The wonder of the world can be seen in those around us, in nature, and in the faces of every species. We all matter. Some call that God, and that is fine, but God truly is US, all of us and our natural surroundings and the good sense we may hopefully possess to honor all life in all of its forms. A-men, brother Ben!

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