From Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: Families That We Make

To my friend/family Kat Kelly-Heinzelman:

Tears welling in my eyes, a smile on my face at the same time? What a poignant and revelatory essay, Kat!

Read “Families That We Make” here:…


Your paragraphs about Roy and me moved me beyond words at a time I sorely needed a kind nod my way…I love people appreciating Roy even more than I vainly loved what you wrote about me!

Kat, I wonder if you realize what a good turn you just did for me and all those whom you mentioned and those whom you included without specific names. I totally believe in inclusion…and you are a champion at that skill! Your grace and kindness and humor receive an A + from this old former English teacher who no longer capitalizes and punctuates because I am all worn out.

You are a tonic…a gin and tonic! We love you and feel that we have always been family…the three of us forever! Your losses have been mighty, and you have prevailed with a sunny spirit and a warm heart and a delightful candor.

Thanks for perking all of us up with your appreciation for and a description of the humans in your life. Humans can be as wonderful as every other species! (You knew that I would mention animals, right? they are my best friends as are you!)


Thanks for this feedback!

Mona McBrayer Benson: “Thank you for sharing. I needed to read something like this today.”

Kat Kelly-Heinzelman: “Susie and Roy, thank you so very much; it is amazing to me how much you are always there for me…during my loss of my cousin, my husband and even my best friend in the whole world, but you both have been my constant and I can’t begin to tell what that means to me. When I went to Goodreads this morning and saw the blog that Susie wrote, all I could do is cry…because I see I mean the same to you both. Thank God brought you both into my life when I needed it most and I will always be thankful and feel blessed to have you both. I love you guys so much. They are the best people, and it is so great to have them as friends.”


Postscript … on another note


I pray that “pig wrestling” (pigs do not wrestle…the teams of four humans–often kids in addition to adults–wrestle one pig) will become history at 4-H “fairs.” Nothing fair about these events. Other money-makers should be explored….THIS summer. All around Indiana!

We are all worthy of blame.

How about people wrestling people in the mud…the mud that would not contain urine and feces and blood of frightened and wounded animals. Many other possibilities…and the many concerned folks who object would be more apt to attend.

Blissful, Willful Ignorance

And furthermore, we just read through a posting of how our “representatives” voted on the canned hunting bill in Indianapolis…not at all surprised at the legislators who are “supposed” to hate animals. They are Republicans of course and only responsive to those that got them there (with campaign funding and whatever other cash-flow) as these figureheads sit and tweet/twitter at the desks WE are paying for.

You’ll also notice that the same bunch engages in “hunting” and “shooting” (nod to the NRA) all sorts of wildlife…even quail. And posts — for their fawning constituents — their rifles and their prey for smug, smiling photo ops. wow…just wow.


Paul Clifford Schrade: “Diabolically humorous the way we humans like to transform all the struggles going on inside ourselves to other life-forms outside ourselves and then claim ourselves the role of victor! Some of sadistic kind of compensation for what we can’t resolve in ourselves. Psychological horseplay! Time we grew up and faced ourselves instead of taking it out our four-legged angels!!!”

Krista Carpenter: “I’ve heard of such a thing but it always felt like a myth.”

Naida Austin: “I can hardly believe that they even came up with this concept a mere three years ago. Animal rights and welfare is a huge issue that I’m sure they couldn’t miss; yet, they went forward with it. Even more unbelievable is how popular it is. It saddens me bcuz what does that teach their children? SMH….Susie is a wonderful writer/author. When I have the time to read her material, it’s like art to me. I’ve told her from the moment I read her first article. Hey, Susie! Can I have a little bit of that brilliant mind of yours? How does it work? Do tell!!!”

Krista Lee Kochersperger Lee: “This is Indiana….I would guess every county fair has it….maybe not for long!!!”

Marian Patience Harvey: “I am working on another ‘why boycott hog-wrestling’ …that’s all it took in Putnam County, three years and finally a respectable, Christian couple wrote a letter and they finally stopped. I don’t think it is any accident we have such a loving, just Pope…I am working on a letter to him as well, and I do trust he will address factory farming when the time is right. I get so impatient.”

Kelly McBride: “In the past I have seen a few community fundraiser events with what they call ‘family fun’ chasing and catching pigs in the mud. Next time I see one and it’s at a ‘Christian’ school or org I’m letting Pope Francis get on to it with a letter. He loves animals and if the Pope says ‘No’ it don’t go! If they want to exploit for money, what’s wrong with a willing participant and good old fashioned kissing booth with the towns top cheerleader or cutest girl. Susie & Roy, I’m so glad I found two people that feel the same way I do about animals. xox”

Basia Nawarro: “Disgusting Americans!”

Cannot literally believe that adults promote this for fair-attenders to view, many many of whom are children…who also are encouraged to participate in the matches. The photographs are heart-breaking to great numbers of us interested instead in reading the actual news of the day.

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