Enough already. #Indiana, simmer down.

So religious freedom means freedom to discriminate and behave like jerks? And infringe upon the freedoms of everyone else? 

C.P. pastor protesting changes to ‘religious freedom’ law : Politics

Enough already. Indiana, simmer down. Nobody is screwing with your church clubs. Party all you want. Network with like-minded souls. Massage each other’s shoulders.

But watch out for evolution … ‘cuz it is a fact of life. 

And thank God for that!

(We are still swimming in church lady crud — pastors protesting tomorrow in windy Indy because of amendment.)

We are surrounded here, like the Salem witch trials, like the Spanish inquisition – and, from here, it looks just like after-prom time with Barbies and Kens just play-acting dangerously.

So sick of the affectations that are leading to disaster. Betty Boop goes to church, pretending that she is walking three steps behind her clueless husband, but actually she is calling all of the shots – and wearing the pretty go-to-church dresses.

Macbeth is so clueless…code!

Don has complained about this religious claptrap and pretentious narrowness for several years now. He was so correct. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so embarrassingly tragic. He observed that “the dictionary defines religion as ‘an objective pursued with zeal’ – regardless the validity of that objective.” 

Atrocious behavior from Hoosierville once again – sick and tired of the hypocrisy and pomposity from jerkwads.

I apologize for this clueless state as best I can and am looking for other Hoosiers who know the score also — as well as the world at large! 

Indiana might just stop being beleaguered once the state stops beleaguering everybody else in the universe…so I do hold out some hope?

Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Ha!


Thanks for this feedback … 

Delayne Corle: “Give your mom a hug from me next time you see her. She’s awesome!”

John Corbin: “‘The Spanish Inquisition’…NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!!!!’

Manny Whitlock: “I need to check out that definition. LOL!”

Diane D’Agostino: “Hitting the nail on the head….as usual.”

Scott Walden: “It is getting to the point that we have officially become the ‘laughing stock’ of the entire country!”


And while I’m about it? “Family Focus” can take a flying leap also. Overpopulation is a climate changing problem. Let us stop reproducing ourselves today; tie the tubes and just enjoy screwing to your heart’s content if that’s your thing. 

Hubby just hypothesized that the manner in which countless ludicrous state bills emanate from cookie cutters and continue to get revived when defeated is no doubt the same method used in enabling middle-aged politicians to enlist and get sent overseas for ten minutes for photo ops and parades and such so that votes from veterans can be generated.

Yet many many soldiers enlist for the correct reasons and go unnoticed.

Wherever the Koch brothers insert their fingers into the states they wish to turn red, they must certainly drum up many candidates who can dress in soldier gear and dupe the voters. 

Let’s do some research? Their own little regiment in the waiting for national office after the states have been bled dry by these same little hoop-jumping neo-cons. Plus the two-faced quality of many of the supporters of these returning heroes can be attributed to themselves wishing to get on the cash band-wagon – should there be a band-wagon.

I bet some of those with political intentions who don soldier uniforms these days probably actually sit in an office somewhere and make some money and are pretty safe? Until they return quickly with a new item on the political resume? War is hell and should be avoided…and playing at war is totally strange.

Folks can be turncoats when lobbying for somebody new who pays them for results. We only care because we are paying for this junk and for this role-playing going on right before our eyes. Wise up, constituency. Wise up. Stand back and take a real hard look at all of the opportunism which is about to drown all of us.

Now I am moving to outer Mongolia where I can be alone with my very own thoughts about the planet and about how badly vanity is f-ing it all up every nano-second! Please spay and neuter (friends, family, dogs, cats – I don’t care), and start reading books for all kinds of pleasure and fun instead!

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