Can we all be more like Jennifer Lawrence … and the Pope? Please?

Jennifer Lawrence: Kim Davis ‘makes me embarrassed to be from Kentucky’

Oh, Jennifer, I know the feeling. And good for you for speaking up! Likewise, I am embarrassed to hail from a state (Indiana) which sanctions the slaughter of deer in 14 state parks during the month of “Thanksgiving” to preserve some flowers. Annually.

Nothing deters the DNR from this strangest of activities. Republican administrations seem to excel in hate. Kentucky just voted for a Republican governor (who adores Kim), and Indiana is stuck with ours until the next election.

The deer culling article was in our paper again today…not announcing the dates am I! Deer park “culling” – ha –the most masturbatory activity ever. No rationale accepted.

I have tried year after year to fight this, and the hunting types line up and go all sensitive on me, coming up with rationalizations you wouldn’t believe. Those erections must really be worth it? Ha!

Evidently murder is grand fun, even for feMALES. Unreal. Each season another species…for “conservation”! And we look the other way when kids get indoctrinated to kill and pose for photos, too!

 Ted Cruz even owns a costume business: buy your orange vests and caps from his catalogs…and shiny new rifles, too! Just absolutely nuts it is!

And here it is … Pope says weapons manufacturers can’t call themselves Christian

Morning in America … Fargo style?

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