If we are wise and understanding and inclusive.

JUST TOTALLY FORTUNATE that I got blessed with parents who taught me to care deeply about animals because stories like these give me such joy.

This cat fell into a box full of little ducklings. See how it reacted. I wasn’t expecting this

Every year she travels 2400 km in order to save hundreds of dogs from a bloody ceremony in Yulin. Her attitude is worth admiration!

This Dog Has Done Something Extraordinary To Save His Friend. It’s Unbelievable!

I dunno, well, that’s the meaning of being alive: to feel joy and to help others and to … yep, care! AND TO SAY I LOVE YOU RIGHT OUT LOUD! Not very arch or glib or clever or loquacious…just quite simply I feel really sad for humans who do not get a kick out of animals and who exclude them from their lives. They have no idea what happiness they’re missing out on. Enjoy these stories!!!


The ongoing AND looming issue of countries providing safe haven, for shell-shocked refugees escaping from that war-torn nation, must be addressed quietly, non-politically, believably, logically and peaceably. An opportunity for global unity is quite possibly staring us all in the face…if we are wise and understanding and inclusive.

Thanks for these comments!

Mindy Bean Richards: “to feel joy and to help others and …! Beautiful Susie!”

Wendy Lamont Smith: “Beautiful. XO”

Monica Reynolds: “I am so thankful that I had parents like this! I was born into a family of pets, we were taught how to handle them always ever so gently, how to feed and groom and for all of my childhood years I was surrounded with animals, my Mum said to me ‘if you look after them properly then they can stay with us’…..so along came hens and budgies and tortoises and hamsters and dogs and cats and… and… and………….and how I loved them all! then I began to rescue, bringing animals and birds – dead – dying – or ones that could be saved……….riding around my village on my bicycle and bringing the needy home in my basket on my bicycle……..many we saved – many we buried – my Dad never complaining as he dug another grave and a prayer said for another soul that had gone home….this is what we should be teaching our children, kindness, respect and empathy………it is a foundation that we sorely need in these terrible times and at some point every parent .I hope………will understand that this is the only way…….I hope…………”

Marla Patty: “Thanks for the tag, very heartwarming. Veganism is true compassion for all sentient beings.”

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