Accidental selfies

I simply adore THE GOOD WIFE…WHERE have I been for the past six years? Oh, yeah…very damned busy. Time to smell the roses and get caught up with living life as it is meant to be lived. Yep…starting with getting caught up with THE GOOD WIFE.

But first … is it possible that I finally get the gist of cell phones? I wonder? I am a little late to the party (line). Still think the world would have been better off without their invention. Yep. lots better off…one ringy dingy.

I played with my new “smart” phone (there’s a misnomer if there ever was one) in the wee morning hours, and I have about eight calls from a robot man telling me plans are running out…75 percent of something or other used up blah blah…and I can buy plans blah blah … and that I should delete voicemails sometime (which I did) …from the robot. Hopefully that all means nothing? Oh, and I accidentally took a selfie? Watch out Kim Kardashian.

So I am really advancing? Ha. Like taking that accidental selfie with what is supposed to be a PHONE? I was even getting so advanced with my self-imposed tutorial alone in the dark in the kitchen that I was the paparazzi – and all I was trying to do was find out how to listen to voicemails at the time? Now, I have one of those damn galleries of boring photographs I can share with…others. I kinda hate these contraptions. More gizmos on which NOT to really communicate?

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Oh, SO wishing that our nation at least, among all other nations (third world or otherwise), would take this quote seriously. If the shoe fits. And that the self-serving politicians would deal with and address and enact legislation regarding our constant lack of humaneness toward other species. NOW!

And hunting is absolutely included in that mix. And our daily disposal of domesticated pets through gassing and heart-sticking and the needle, as well as animals shipped to slaughterhouses for our “fast” cancer-producing food. Look at pigs, for example. Bless these poor souls. So very much like ourselves, yet we kill them and eat them and in the meantime make horrid fun of them. Inexplicable. They matter to me very, very much. I am very happy to work toward their welfare, and I always shall do so.

The humans making money on murder (in WHATEVER manner they are profiting and there are many avenues) should really cease their thoughtless activities and stop behaving like killing animals is just … okay.

So put down your flipping phones, watch THE GOOD WIFE, and MOST IMPORTANTLY help the animals, go vegan, rescue some strays … and do some self-LESS good. Damn.

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