This may be code…but my true friends can decipher!

I have returned from NORMANDY…I guess? Signed: sad sack the war-torn and shell-shocked and disillusioned soldier named Sue!

Let’s have a damned happy new year, one and all. God bless the animals among us: what lessons they teach. Time to appreciate the beauty of the world and animals happen to top my list!

“They are so placid and self-contained” in spite of human beans.

This may be code…but my true friends can decipher!

Love and kisses and hugs and stuff. Bye for now. Gotta catch up with myself by getting back on the horse so to speak? Wheeee.

Certainly ladies matter but even more so … animals stacked up in factory farms and poached in the wild and waiting in shelters need our attention TODAY.

Not a minute to lose. Get to it! As Doris Day once stated: “Animals are always at the bottom of the barrel.”

Well, let’s get them out of there NOW!

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